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This (video) is how Còrdoba says its farewell as I leave once again. Looking forward to the Snapcraft Summit next week in London!

The flight has been delayed 6 more hours. Yay me.

Landed in JFK around 2 hours ago, failed to leave the airport for some quick site seeing and now feeling stuck in some strange neutral zone where I cannot move forwards or backwards for the next 8 hours.

Apparently, one can reboot/restore an entire data center by running `sudo dmidecode` twice (as presented in Jurassic World).

Trying to enjoy my 13 hour day time layover by punching my keyboard to get it to produce code.

The surrounding area looks nice inside this restaurant

Ubuntu MATE 18.10 bespoke images for the GPD Pocket and GPD Pocket 2 are now available 💪🐧


Already 36 hours into my fast. Just coffee and tea with a sprinkle of exercise yesterday evening.

KDE Plasma 5.14 video review: "Plasma 5.14 [comes with] plenty of enhancements to make the experience smoother, more polished and more featureful... as if it were needed!" according to The Linux Experiment.


I may sometimes grumble about the dependency-injection and indirection and some of the contortions required to bring it about, but Mir *is* tested in a way very few open source projects are.

Preparing for the OpenPGP e-mail summit, and failing to exchange encrypted mails with the other attendees...

This is why we have OpenPGP e-mail summits. Progress is being made, but we're not there yet.

Start on Monday fresh, fix an issue than uncovers some cobwebs in the code base you are looking at; find yourself looking at the clock and noticing it is Friday evening and that the week did not go as planned.

🍩 Retro Nights

Another one of my current setup, a #GNU / #Linux UI customization (DE: #KDE #Plasma). 🐧

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