Good news everyone!

#Python 2.7 has been declared perfect and the developers are going to stop changing it!

It's so rare to see software projects that actually get finished, we should take heart and inspiration. ❤️

Here's the story of how @screenly built a digital signage solution using Core and the @Raspberry_Pi tweeted by @ubuntu

Really really enjoying watching Colony on my TV through Plex served by its snap based media server installed on my Ubuntu Core system on a Minnowboard TurBot that was collecting dust in a box since I got it last year from the Intel booth at AllThingsOpen.

Congrats to the Chinese National Space Administration for successfully landing a probe on the dark side of the moon! Great to see the photos:

(My question - were they playing Pink Floyd during the landing process? (I would suspect not…) ;-) )

I recently switched to #mastodon from google+ and had a lot of questions while investigating the platform. I wrote an introductory blog post (primarily aimed at the large #google+ #opensource community), while recommending a few instances. Corrections and constructive feedback welcome.

Facebook has patented technology that predicts who else lives in your household based on photos you shared. Maybe you should be keeping them to yourself...

bottom line: Don't trust the shiny advertising brochure which tells you about end-to-end encryption, security and privacy if you only get a black box at the end. Only , , and the ability to self host will be able to secure your privacy.

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We've updated the Editor's Picks on the Software front page to highlight new and interesting applications 👜 We've highlighted popular developer utilities & languages, productivity tools, media apps and games! Find something new today! 👍 tweeted by @ubuntu

Just as I stopped expecting it, I am presented with an upgrade to Android 9 on my Sony Xperia xz1 😁

I am a:

⚪️ Man
⚪️ Woman
🔘 Space Station

Looking for:

⚪️ Men
⚪️ Women
🔘 Able engineers

This (video) is how Còrdoba says its farewell as I leave once again. Looking forward to the Snapcraft Summit next week in London!

Landed in JFK around 2 hours ago, failed to leave the airport for some quick site seeing and now feeling stuck in some strange neutral zone where I cannot move forwards or backwards for the next 8 hours.

Apparently, one can reboot/restore an entire data center by running `sudo dmidecode` twice (as presented in Jurassic World).

Trying to enjoy my 13 hour day time layover by punching my keyboard to get it to produce code.

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