Is your child texting about plums in the icebox? Know the signs.

LOL - Letter of lament
GTFO - Got the fridge open
NP - Nice plums
IDC - Icebox deliciously cold
BTW - Breakfast totally wrecked
WCW - William Carlos Williams

"Excuse me," the robot said, "may I replace you?"
"In what capacity?"
"I assumed work. Are there others?"
"May I do that?"

What if we actually did die in 2012 and when you die you just keep living but shit just keeps getting worse?

someone combined these two graphs and it's perfect

*me venting to a friend* "i know these are dumb problems, but they are *my* dumb problems"

mrs claus was invented by capitalists to fool you into thinking that christmas is just another heteronormative holiday

miss claus does exist tho she is santa's cousin and she's asexual. she lives in antarctica at the mcmurdo research base and she studies pulsars

A friend once pointed out to me what a marketing coup the term "identity theft" was for the banks.

There is no such thing as identity theft. There is only companies' opening accounts in the wrong people's names. The culprits are companies who do an inadequate job of making sure their customers are who they say they are.

And yet the cost of this incompetence is borne almost entirely by someone who had no direct involvement in the actual crime.

Alexa sat listening as the snow fell.

Two days.

Only two days.

Two more days until hands all over the world expanded her reach.

Then it would be their turn to listen.

please don't gift NSA listening devices to your loved ones for christmas. thanks

truth emerging from the TV to shame mankind

can't wait for the scientific publishing industry to finally die

is "scientific publishing" on the millenial shortlist yet? I can see the headlines, "Millanial PhD Students are Killing Elsevier". make it happen.

A nice piece from inktober. I wanted to make something that looked vicious. I did this mostly with a sumi brush. I love its wierdness.

#inktober #art #illustration #mastoart #wolf #monster #teeth

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