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Introducing my Fam to one of my top-10 of all time shows: PERSON OF INTEREST. The kids? Minds Blown by end of Season 1.

If you haven't watched it yet?

OH And stop reading now, ok?

If you've watched it, read this.

Patrons! Farley finds four kids in trouble, one stabbed & close to death, who know something about the deadly Warehouse Blaze in Farlost: The Winter Belt, Episode 20.

Nearly every country in the world has agreed upon a legally binding framework to reduce the pollution from plastic waste—except for the United States.

“Real freedom lies in wilderness, not civilization.” Charles Lindbergh

Ridiculously proud how I've miniaturized my backup recording studio.

This is literally a room under the stairs in a home near my main studio for those times I need a new place.

Like, say, during several WEEKS of water main reconstruction?

Catching up now.

The NYTimes PrivacyProject has already proven its case in a perversely hypocritical way: it's a for-profit corp investigating ...& at the same time it's selling data of visitors w/trackers built into the site:

So patrons...what do you want for your next exclusive?

Deserting System Guard cop tries to survive in the Belt?


Spaceships try to flee the Guard blockade hunting them down?

‪I took a hard look at how I support artists & creators. ‬

‪I canceled support for some creators on to make lump sum donations or use @Liberapay to reduce the cut money-transfer orgs take from them.‬

‪I felt bad at first b/c they won’t see me chip in monthly, but got past my ego to see’em paid more.‬

‪So I’m running open & closed.‬

‪Linux, Mac/Windows.‬
‪Nextcloud alongside Dropbox.‬
‪Mastodon, FB & Twitter.‬
‪Riot, Slack &Discord.‬
‪AOSP not Android.‬
‪& my own mail servers‬
‪(hosted, I ain’t a masochist).‬

‪It constantly reminds me truth is a 3-edged sword-& not to buy into any ‘ism’s.‬

Closeup of the podcast art for The Winter Belt 17. (Out now for Patrons). Playing with color thematically. You’ll soon be reacquainted with Martin Ladouceur, official effing scary dude.

Carl Sagan, from 'Demon Haunted World' by way of Stephen Fry & Landon Ross:

I like that you can post publicly, unlisted, to followers only or DM on Mastodon. It's more variety/flavor for conversation than Twitter allows.

I miss reading Harry Dresden books.

It's *far more important* the author is on the road that's right for him... but after that I hope to hear a certain snarky detectivish wizard's first person internal monologue again soon.

Beyond annoying: a nexus 5 running AOSP (Lineage OS) with Google Services stripped out is WAY faster & more reliable than my newer android phone. Ugh.

Apropos of nothing, here's a good acid test for people, software and corporations:

Eating Your Own Dogfood.

Settling on Tootdon for Mastodon on iOS. It lets me easily slip from my personal & professional profiles.

What’s your Android software recc?

Ha! Twitter’s founding chief engineer says the answer to FB is not Twitter, it’s Mastodon:

“If Facebook turned on Mastodon support...or was forced to (it) wouldn’t have to store data on Facebook’s servers. That would fundamentally change the relationship.”

Gordon Ramsey has heard people thanking this 'God' person for meals that he cooked, and he's tired of it. Gordon decides to go up to the big man upstairs and show him what he's worth. This is Heaven's Kitchen.

‪I was once a security-verified contractor for Dept of Defense with several vehicles including (ugh) Lockheed-Martin. ‬

‪No really.‬

‪I’m not saying that’s *why* I don’t trust authority without transparency and accountability but...‬

‪...yeah that’s pretty much why.‬

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