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A lot of people are talking about private messengers this week.

If you see a good thread about private messaging, don't forget to tag us or @Session_App@twitter.com so that we can spread the word about combining anonymity and decentralisation with E2EE.

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Private ✓
No phone number required ✓
Decentralised ✓
Open Source ✓

You'd be surprised how many people who are new to private messaging don't know that there's a messenger that ticks all these boxes.

If you see a thread where we can let people know — tag us.

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@session Tried it, it is rather basic.

Later I found: "Me trying out Session messenger came to an abrupt end - I'm uninstalling it and recommend that everybody does the same. People pointed out the app's connections to the alt-right scene which I could sadly confirm. So I don't want to contribute to them washing the stains away." nitter.net/WPalant/status/1281

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