3 months since i last said "fuck twitter i wonder what mastadon's up to"

and someone mentions "fuck this, i'm goin back to mastadon"

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sucks that i only remember to check mastadon when good people get locked out of twitter by nazi mobs ;;

this is really sweet and holy hell that R60 looks SO good

it's gonna be nice doing weeks of long road touring again tho. get through so many podcasts that way and it's my favorite way to see this dang country

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got like 9 weeks of touring in 3 months planned this summer with marian starting in July hot damnb

friendship with twitter OVER (for years) mastadon is new best friend

can't wait for a slightly warmer, clear day when i can just go find some fuckin twisties on the peninsula or something. maybe kick is down to Oregon for the day.

I'm sorry, I really need a place to gush about my bike cuz like all my friends and partners are like "SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR DANG BIKE"

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BUT LET ME TELL YOU: I rode my dang ol' motorcycle home in the rain today and it was wonderful.

okay taking a twitter hiatus and showing up here is probably bad form whoops


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