Now on as @somekindofcrow and will probably stop using this account or something. (Mostly also because I can't change account names and I want to disassociate @sevenishmagpies with furry/fandom/stuff since it's a semi-public-facing handle now.)


I remembered why I decided to delete my LJ instead of archiving it.

The second page in is a picture of someone I know who (years later, but now years ago) committed suicide.

I remembered this while flipping through my LJ archives and getting to page 2.


Question: Is there a way to change my Mastodon username?

Does anyone else suddenly wake up at 5am with the need to search the internet and see whether there are elegant gothic lolita swimsuits?

Sorry if you are getting new messages about me following you my timeline seems to have forgotten that you all existed so I had to un/refollow everyone :3

Some kind of fox demon thing that cast so many layers of glamour on herself she's forgotten what her true form actually is or if it even existed in the first place.

So no, not actually a pile of birds.

So I guess the lesson from the Steven Universe Thanksgiving episode is that the way to get conservative relatives to just shut up and eat their cake is to be super poly, super gay, and set things on fire?

For real though: expect more or less interesting things than what I put on Twitter, because Twitter/@sevenishmagpies is private and this is not.

Hello new thing.
You seem pretty cool.
Let's hope that you'll live.
And not fall into the abyss.
Like Wave and Ello and Disapora.


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