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WhTs the secret to my great beard youm’st ask? Simple. Never shaev

My workday is spent staring at a terminal, trying to fix a gemfile, while occasionally replacing my half-empty lacroix with a new one

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What defines a jort?

What secrets do they hold within?

β€œI only like hungover Tom”, says my coworker

Today’s the one day this week I’m not hungover

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How much would it cost to get a network of pneumatic tubes installed in the office?

I hate programming I hate computers I hate tech I hate the internet I hate...

If you don’t me but you make a Taking Back Sunday reference to me I’m legally allowed to trip you

When I throw up
I wanna be famous
I wanna be a start
I wanna be in movies... 🎢

Tomorrow I’m playing with a flamethrower so in case I die and never get to toot again I just want to say...

Cats are girls and dogs are boys

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the new meme is "regular horse", the horse with no distinguishing characteristics or habits

Engineering expectation: all in doing is cleaning up some code to make emails easier for my coworkers

Engineering reality: -existential dread when a senior programmer tells you something is broken and you have to scramble to figure out why-

β€ͺHey Siri how many calories are in depression?‬

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