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Max Magaña

Had my phone interview today. I think it went well. I should here back mid-next week on whether they will opt to move me forward in the process. Fingers crossed.

My goal for Cancun is to wear so much sunblock, I come back whiter than before.

My cat runs to the bathroom whenever I get home from work and no one else is home, not because he is afraid of me, but because that's my first stop when i get home, and he wants those scritches

I had a dream where my sister and I got to talk to my dad one last time. It wasn't happy. It was mostly a lot of frustration, but in the end we all stood there hugging each other and crying. I woke up and started crying for the first time since he died.

I miss him

My wife is making churros for dessert and I am so happy

HBO should have a companion show to Last Week Tonight called Next Week Tonight. Ben Affleck's character from Paycheck could host it.

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How do I block all posts in Greek haysus christo my feed

Real curious to see if Season 2 of Westworld works. Worried it's gonna be more like True Detective season 2. Or worse, Jessica Jones season 2.

The latest Brooklyn 99 episode features the actress who plays Aly in New Girl, but as a different character, BUT THEY ALREADY HAD A CROSSOVER.

An actress played two different characters in the same universe.

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I know anti-gen-eng crusaders want "Produced with Genetic Engineering" to spook us about our food being ~unnatural~ but it really just makes it look high-tech and cool

It should be illegal to be a ride share driver in Chicago if you stay in the right lane on Lake Shore as you approach Belmont in rush hour traffic, but don't have anyone who needs to take that exit.

What is a more annoying rallying cry?

"This is the year of desktop Linux"


"No switch port, no buy."

@vantablack have you ever played the Numberwang version of 2048?

It's a real good feeling when you apply for a job, and they email you the next day to set up a phone interview.

Opinion: If you misclassify an employee as an independent contractor, you deserve criminal charges.

My wife and I buy these plastic pint and quart containers for leftovers (like, 50 to a pack, the kind you'd get for soup at an Asian place) from the Vietnamese market we like, but she is a much better person than me, because she cleans them out and reuses them, while I just throw them in the trash because it's 50 for $8

Now I'm going to eat cold mac and cheese with ham and then go to bed.

Me at 7PM: Gonna clean the dishes, then have some dinner.

Me at 8PM: Still need to eat that dinner.

Me at 8:40 PM: Time to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi for dinner.

I sorely neglected my mastodon family. Some junk at work threw me off my game today. Sorry about that folks.