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Found out yesterday that one of my best friends from high school is now deputy campaign manager for Jon Tester's senate election campaign. Incredibly proud of her.

Apparently the Dutch were at once point described as "fat, lusty two-legged cheese-worms" due to their dairy consumption.

Sometimes I am violently reminded that mastodon is on the internet, with all the baggage that entails.

*me, writing the illuminated manuscript The Book of Kells*

I'm the Kellsdude

As part of my job, I have to contract recurring snow removal services for some of our clients. And one client has 9 sites in california that they want snow removal for. Finding people to service these sites is hell.

@sexybenfranklin So in other words, we need to take the bull by the horns before any more water passes under the bridge.

Mixed metaphors are when you splice two metaphors together, using only parts of each. If you use the totality of both metaphors, we should refer to this as muxed metaphors.

Is it fair to say Typhoid Mary was a murderer? I think so. I'd say that, after her first quarantine, when she knew how she infected people, and still went back to cooking under an alias, she became a murderer.

Hot Janitor is my favorite S2 character in American Vandal

Learning how to play Twilight Struggle is interesting. My dumbass just performed a successful coup at DEFCON 2 which dropped it to 1 and I lost.

Now that it's no longer running, I think we should rename Everybody Loves Raymond to Everybody Loved Raymond, to really drive home the fact that no one loves Ray Romano anymore. At all.

Re-watching season 1 of American Vandal because my wife has not seen it, so we're watching it before season 2. She is laughing a lot.

Uhhh if anyone has a copy of Root, the board game, that they're willing to sell, let me know. I hunger for it.

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