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Max Magaña

Can anyone recommend a good beard conditioner? I don't shampoo my hair or beard, but I CO wash them and have just been using my wife's conditioner, but I figure it's time to buy one for myself.

My wife and I got super into the now canceled NBC show Timeless, and now we refer to our cat as "Kittenhouse" and talk about how he's plotting to take over the world

Hey tech nerds, I'm curious about buying an NVMe drive to boot off, but my mobo is like 7 years old and I doubt supports NVMe boot. I found some modded bios that a forum post seems to suggest makes it work. Should I do this Y/N?

Do people actually go through and put descriptions on their photos?

My favorite part about every world cup is that it ends.

I can't scroll further down on the local time line than 45 minutes ago. I don't know if this is a time constraint or a post number constraint, but it's real inconvenient. This is happening on

The Jenkins Episode in the 4th Season of the Librarians 😍

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I think the federated timeline needs to be radically redesigned. It is just way too much information to have in the traditional linear feed format. Anyone have any ideas?

Let's just through some ideas out--anything. Perhaps some of the feeds just cluster and others come to the surface (and the user has some helpful way to control this). Maybe there is a 3D rendered globe and where your mouse hovers, you see feeds for.

I don't know... any ideas?

Man, there are a lot of prostitutes in the fediverse.

I only spent $6 on a ticket to see the new Jurassic World, and I still feel ripped off. What a garbage movie.

The ultimate mastodon filter would just block out posts by people with anime profile pictures

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I had a weird dream where I was just platonically hanging out with a bunch of mid-30s women I don't know at a bar that doesn't exist.

An episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, but I've actually seen the show so I can make a clever twist in this post.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Social Media Profile Pictures.

* My cat
* Your actual face
* Pictures of celebrities you aren't
* Guys with pictures of women they don't know
* That one style of tumblr art that is just fucking awful
* Furry avatars
* Anime avatars
* Nazi avatars
* Anime Nazi Avatars
* Furry Nazi Avatars