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Funny, long story that will make you hate me when I'm done. Show more

Oh boy, I just remembered that my wife is making clam chowder with bread bowls tonight for dinner.

When the revolution comes, Crossposters get the sword.

I think this should get spread as much as possible, so this person's life is ruined even more than the lives of the people he hurt through his negligence.

Ive come to realize I like theater of the mind if the game is designed for it. For games that aren't *coughd20systemgames* I do not like it

Drugs, violence Show more

I get up the reigns in my Blades in the Dark game to another member of my group, and I'm glad to have done it, but I also realized that I am a bad person.

Succubus sounds like Mario trying to say "Suck your butt"

@Gargron How difficult would it be to implement a feature where you can opt to block/mute someone when submitting a report on them? Unless that is already implemented, in which case never mind I'm an unobservant moron.

The bathrooms on my floor at work are undergoing maintenance until 3PM. I'm about to get more water to drink.

Why do I do this to myself?

@envgen imagine cats where they were so big, you couldnt measure them in feet, you could only measure them in cats

If I consider anything as the biggest failure of my time studying physics, it's not properly understanding how to read Feynman diagrams. Even Gaussian spheres I am less embarrassed about.

if an Online User and an Offline User ever meet, they annihilate, releasing a burst of energy, the amount of which is calculated based on their mass.


hi, i'm johnny knoxville, welcome to hamlet

*drinks spit-bucket*

bucket full of spit. extremely gross. bad. do not open. Show more

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