How many times in one morning can I have breakfast?


@sydney how long does it take you to eat breakfast and between what hours do you define "morning".


@sexybenfranklin It really depends on what it is that is being eaten. No one should doddle on cereal as that gets weird and soggy, but you can leisurely eat something like toast. Between 5 and 15 minutes?

For the purpose of this I am going to define morning as from getting out of bed (which was 7:30am today) to 11:30ish.


@sydney so, if we're looking to maximize the number of times you could eat breakfast in a morning, we'd take the 240 minutes you describe and divide it by the 5 minute cereal minimum, which gives us 48 breakfasts in a morning. This of course assumes that you don't get full and that Alex is pouring the cereal for you.


@sexybenfranklin This brings us to a very important question...does each bowl of cereal count as it's own meal or can one meal involve multiple bowls of something?

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