Facebook showed me a memory of my relationship status changing with a girl I dated for like a month 8 years ago, and how fucking awkward is that

The best part was she is now married and her name is hyphenated and like, seriously Facebook, why would that be in my memories, we are not even friends anymore


So my first girlfriend and I signed onto ( which was an email-based social network in the 90s.

I took it pretty hard when we broke up (I had a poor understanding of how relationships worked back then) and was pretty depressed for a while.

Anyway, I woke up one day feeling good for once. Did my morning stuff, checked me email, saw this from sixdegrees:

"$EX has changed their status from SO to Friend".

mood = ruined

In conclusion, social media is trash.

@suetanvil Man, that's shitty. Sorry to hear that. Luckily for me, this was just weird, not upsetting, I've been with my wife for 6.5 years at this point. It was just like "What is this nonsense?"


Eh, it was long enough ago that I can laugh about it now.

(FWIW, from this vantage point as a married middle-aged guy, it's obvious that we were not a good match in the long term, but that the relationship was a net good thing for me and (I hope) her.)

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