This is a very ambiguous headline.

(He will vote against it if the support *isn't* included)

I was trying to think of some clever wordplay but the typo just made me laugh.

The box I bought fits the full seven piece set plus the extra 3d6 I bought. It's tight but it fits.

My mother in law bought me this little diecast robot that you can talk to and it repeats what you said in a high pitched voice and I have no idea where she found it but uh I love him

Bought some new boys today. They're basically future Napoleonic frenchmen.

So my brother in law is pretty cool. Please check his website/Etsy shop out, he does a lot of cool leather working. This was custom made.

Libertarian, death 

Haha I will never feel bad about this shit.

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Libertarian, death 

Haha remove that comma, nerd. Libertarian Death

So, ignoring the fact that Rambo 3 was released on DVD in 2004, 2.5 years after 9/11, yeah I'm sure the goberment is really controlling your DVD using firmware.

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