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Working 9 to 5? More like I'd rather be working 9/5 of an hour

I got into one of those GPS games, but it's so hot and humid out, even this early in the morning, that I have absolutely no desire to go out.

I set out to never be popular, and through a combination of an abrasive attitude, bad content, and general churlishness, I have achieved my dreams.

Oh man they're making Chew, one of my all time favorite comics, into an RPG, *and* they're doing it in Forged in the Dark? Bless.

Under communism, all dicks will be taken by the party, and their inches will be redistributed so everyone has the same size dick.

one example of English eradication of Irish culture is how, before the conquests, the popular fast food burger chain was called O'Donalds, with its signature Big Sean and O'Nuggets. Afterwards, though, they papered on a thin veneer of "Scottish" culture to distract from the name change and the rest is history.

The Boston Dynamics video where the robots are dancing is frankly incredible. What incredible advances in movement they've made.

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