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Astrology? Huge fan. I saw Jupiter Ascending in theaters.

You know you're a piece of shit when you get a stomach ache after dinner and you hope you get through it fast enough to have sex before going to bed.

At the time, I will have yelled 34,553 terrible things onto the Fediverse.


I bought a 3D printer off Facebook marketplace because I am weak

Starting a new religious sect that embraces modern technology but shuns indoor plumbing.

I saw The Green Knight last night and enjoyed it a lot.

I hate to admit how much I love that twangy vocal in "Hey Brother".

There were some Lollapalosers hanging out in the lobby of my office building yesterday which was super weird because it was like half a mile from the park. Surely there was a closer Starbucks.

How much for the tickets to see Plácido Domingo
, José Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti? Three tenners.

This episode of Amphibia has Matt Chapman voicing a swashbuckling newt. He's better known as the voice of Strong Bad.

A stoner's retelling of a Japanese murder story with unreliable narrators, Rastamon.

Tonight has been a night of non-sequiter Homestar Runner lines.

Apparently there was one from a month ago that I also rejected.

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I got a new account request on and I suspect it is someone who is very lost.

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