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Hello World, I'm a geeky developer from the Netherlands.
My toots are usually about coffee, programming, foss, vegetarian food or mental health issues.

In my spare time I write, and help out at mental support groups.
Some of my time is dedicated to programming or writing music.
I'm multilingual, so say hi in your native language and I might learn something new.

Loving my new 2 cup bialetti β˜• made a latte with some preground beans that were discounted at the supermarket, and they were surprisingly good

"Software downloaded 30,000 times from PyPI ransacked developers’ machines" by Dan Goodin

One interesting detail from the linked post: the malware tries to steal Discord tokens from the Discord app and various Chromium-based browsers, reading from LevelDB files. But it doesn't seem to try to attack Firefox or Safari, presumably because it would have to use an entirely different system to find the tokens (Firefox/Safari use SQLite for IndexedDB storage, not LevelDB).

I'm giving a talk at 12pm Eastern on how we've implemented Web Monetization in @write_as, @writefreely, and @snap_as. Come check it out!

So tired today, but at least I've had pie today! 🀀

Today I learned that adding a drop of lime juice to enhances the flavour so much, just a single drop β˜•πŸ€€

Made my first Turkish with the cezve that I've gotten today. With sugar and milk because it's already in the evening. It's very good 🀀

Just ordered a cezve for Turkish so that might be a theme in my posts coming week

Moving swiftly on, yesterday evening I discovered this handy webpage filled with open source game suggestions that work on FreeBSD:

I sense I've only scratched the surface on #BSD #UNIX gaming, so any suggestions are welcome πŸ™‚

Cycled 3 kilometers with a 2 meter pole, and added it to my tree. It was more of a problem getting it through the branches.

πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Work with me! is looking for a front end engineer, mid or senior level. You'll be working to connect researchers with study participants on a platform that prioritises data quality and fair compensation.

βœ‰οΈ Any questions? My DMs are open.

Starting the morning with a cold brew from Colombia. πŸ€€β˜•

On my way home. Can't wait for a fresh mint and lime water 😍

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