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Was cycling for a bit, catched a few clouds that were wetter than they looked

Op pad met Betty! A walk trough the park at Martenastate in koarnjum. local forestry

Registered for a Codeberg account. .

I'm glad it uses gitea, I don't like gitlab.

Wanted to use pixelfed in fedilab again, but since last time it now shows 401 unauthenticated. Back to the web version then 😏


Een handeling, vaak ook wel gezien als dans, waarbij men circulair het mannelijk geslachtsdeel beweegt. Vertoont gelijkenissen met de rotatie van rotorbladen op een helikopter. Populair in Grou en omstreken. Ooit populair gemaakt door de shocksite Meatspin.

- Vies Varkentje

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Just got donated some good amount of money to buy a new oven. Thanks! The oven broke down months ago.

My surgery check-up went ok. Lab results were not so good, so most likely in the future I need more surgery. But I shouldn't have to worry about this until another year from now. So hey! Awesome!

I bought about 30 euros worth of today. Should last a week 😏

We now have an official WriteFreely Swift package, for anyone interested in building Mac and iOS apps for #WriteFreely and!

Learn all about the API library here, now in Developer Preview:

Upgrading the bedroom TV from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 because I'm wide awake. Not sure why this machine is so slow tho

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