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Hello World, I'm a geeky developer from the Netherlands.
My toots are usually about coffee, programming, foss, vegetarian food or mental health issues.

In my spare time I write, and help out at mental support groups.
Some of my time is dedicated to programming or writing music.
I'm multilingual, so say hi in your native language and I might learn something new.

I studied media and programming, but became an expert in somnia.

Get it? Well it probably sounded funnier in my head.

Today's state of the . I'm afraid that the philodendron is already giving up, it's loosing it's cool already. Maybe not the best climate for them. indoors.

Before success can manifest. You've got to go through the learning process. 

from 'The learning process' on the album 'Back To The Heavyweight Jam'
#quote #scooter #bot

Pickled red onions appear to be great for a breakfast sandwich with feta cheese

Bought a couple of ESP32's for small camera projects. Going to put one in my isopod terrarium

Nice, #valheim will be in Early Access starting february 2nd: I clocked around ~300 hours on this when I take alpha and various beta times into account and also provided dedicated servers during development for years. All on Linux PC πŸ˜€ Great to see this gem moving forward πŸŽ‰ (

Awesome, server downtime in production when creating a snapshot for providing a rollback scenario when upgrades go wrong.

Who prepares for downtime when your preparations go wrong.

Noticing that #Element is not as sluggish for me right now which is good. Looking for a good discussion room for #movies but I’m not really seeing anything with much activity. Does anyone know of an active one?

On Tuesday my new plants will arrive. Ordered a few baby for in my . My like to eat plants better than their food, so it's a continuous process of renewing.

Let's see how long it takes, last rebuild is from march.

Not being the best version of myself the past weeks, but watching The Cat In The Hat cheers me up.

Check in with yourself a few times each day and take a moment to process your thoughts and emotions. Don’t let them build up.

Great news everyone! The dev will resume development of his projects and now has some help!

Follow @apps to stay up to date and a message from Tom is available here

Watching on has proven to be a fun afternoon pasttime while my potato dish sits in the oven for a few hours.

Kijk bijvoorbeeld eens op als je je afvraagt hoe dat werkt. Maak vooral een account aan als je geΓ―nteresseerd bent!

3 belangrijke eigenschappen:
- Decentralisatie
- Interoperabiliteit
- Vrije software

Vragen? Stel ze vooral op =)

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Just watched Robin's Wish, about the last year's of Robin Williams and his then undiscovered disease. It's a tearjerker.

The new Paul Elstak single Call Home is a beautiful throwback to the times of the nineties in a semi modern jacket.

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