Just bought an insta360 one X camera to replace my Ricoh theta camera

Just did a little updating to Blitzed IRC Trivia. Probably won't do much with it for a while except maintain it if anyone wants to submit patches. I'd like to work on it more one day though - I think it's a nice "fixer-upper" and would provide a good learning experience. Maybe I'll open up some issues for #hacktoberfest this year. gitlab.com/theimpossibleastron #GitHub #Trivia #Foss #CPP

Don't you just hate it when people don't listen to your arguments and just want to push their own agenda? It almost seems like everybody is so narrow minded nowadays.

Just found a massive easy exploitable security issue in a site owned and ran by our township. Their digital presence is quite amateuristic actually, yet I'm still surprised that a government site, it's parent site and the team site don't have information on responsible disclosures.

Since they are active on the birdsite I've informed for a contact address over there

We need bees in nature obviously, but why do we need mosquitoes?

Just talked around an hour with my isp's tech support for a software problem on my router. Took them an hour to fix it remote, and sending a guy over would take a week...

at least the outage wasn't long enough to lose my DHCP lease

Updated my git server to Debian buster and gitea while I was at it. Now only to upgrade my tor and i2p boxes

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#rmw 0.7.02 has been released

rmw (ReMove to Waste) is a safe-remove utility for the #commandline. Its goal is to conform to the FreeDesktop.org Trash specification and therefore be compatible with #KDE, #GNOME, #XFCE, and others. Desktop integration is optional however, and by default, rmw will only use a waste folder separated from your desktop trash.

remove-to-waste.info/ #GHReleaseRadar #GitHub #FOSS #C

This evening is a sad one. A few hours ago Jan Mokkenstorm passed away at the age of 57. It's a direct result of a year long sickbed of pancreatic cancer.

The country now misses a great psychiatrist. As the founding father of the national suicide prevention hotline he has inspired many people to make topics like depression a public discussion.

I've had the honour to meet him three times at different events and training for which I am very grateful. Rest in peace.

The fresh prince coming to netflix is the best move they've made now that I've finished stranger things

So the neighbour screwed panels to the wooden fence and now all screws are on my side sticking out. So I told her, but it didn't get fixed. And that's going to keep me up all night thinking about it

Today is too wet for my muscles. Can someone run the summer executable again it seems to be hanging

Good morning, last day before the weekend starts. Hard work today, but feeling very tired. Let's try the with a sugar cube today. Ugh.

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