I've decided that today is a snackbar kind of day. Looking forward to

In the Netherlands we have a law that says all employees must be able to work in a smoke free area. How does that work for firefighters?

How does one determine his dreamjob? I only know that my current one isn't it

This evening is all about this great that I made from the same beans that I had this morning

This morning's is made from ambela guji beans from . The best beans you can get imho.

That moment when Netflix asks you if you're there for the fifth time this day

I'm the quarterback of the scene. We bring the noise and make you scream. 

**'De afhaalchinees zit nauwelijks nog in ons systeem'**

"Tijden veranderen. In de jaren 70 ging zestig procent van Nederland regelmatig naar 'de Chinees' of de 'afhaalchinees'. Lekker veel (ruime porties rijst, saté en kroepoek) voor weinig geld, dat sprak ons wel aan. En vergeet niet de massa's dienstplichtigen die in de kazerne bami kregen voorgeschoteld.
"Tegenwoordig zit 'de Chinees' nauwelijks nog…"


#nieuws #bot

Black games made this awesome Math Riddles game, available on Android. I have completed all puzzles, but haven't found a fun similar game yet. Any suggestions here dear ?

mental health 

Am I the only one who liked the previous icon better? 😬

That great smell of in a freshly baked curry . Almost finished baking

Watching "the chef show" in the middle of the night isn't all that great lol

Just made a nice cold and added a little vanilla scoop to it together with some milk. Going to have a great ice with the breakfast tomorrow

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