Made a bowl of peaches, passion fruit and banana, just because the sun was shining this morning.

Why doesn't the world run on one timezone, and people just accept they sleep from 14:00 till 22:00? Sunrise/sunset doesn't run on time and changes throughout the year anyway.

What is essential? It's invisible to the eye! It's only with the heart, that you can see rightly. Show more

After a week of , and cold it's about time for better so my pain can go away. Any hints for not involving alcohol or drugs are more than welcome. Kurkuma, magnesium and peppers are part of my daily diet already.

So I bought goat yesterday, but when I just opened the package it was all moldy :(. Really wanted to eat some now. Well, will get it replaced tomorrow then.

Received a package with filament from @gravityisforsuckers today. Yay \o/

It has glow in the dark!

My favourite word; giisgobje. To mess around and laugh, often irritating people ;).

Working on detecting source image 1 in source image 3 and 4 using tracking.js. but not getting very far yet.

Mango beer, that's something unique and strangely satisfying

Why does safari still not support Donaldson and do we need polyfill hacks to get a normal autocomplete working that works in all other browsers. Asking for a friend....

Just had the best Indian take out. Even better, there are leftovers for tomorrow <3

Party people! The sky has changed. Can you smell the sun? Show more

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