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Hello World, I'm a geeky developer from the Netherlands.
My toots are usually about coffee, programming, foss, vegetarian food or mental health issues.

In my spare time I write, and help out at mental support groups.
Some of my time is dedicated to programming or writing music.
I'm multilingual, so say hi in your native language and I might learn something new.

We hebben een nieuwe website 🀩 en we zouden niet van WC-Eend zijn als we WC-Eend niet zouden adviseren. Dus, wil je een nieuwe website maken, check dan
Lees hier waarom:

The worst thing about for me is when having restless legs and arms.

Dawn having 4 week fermented onion and garlic in that curry makes a whole next level difference! I'm astonished 🀀

Making a out of blended tomatoes, fermented onion, fermented garlic, corn, chickpeas, cauliflower and broccoli. Going to be great after a few hours of simmering. One of the benefits of working from home

Strawberry jelly was awesome. But had some toast with garlic just now before bed, that really made the evening!

Just finished watching The Dig, very cool. Now off to watch some review on how it matches the real story :)

I2P 0.9.49 has been released!
0.9.49 continues the work to make I2P faster and more secure. As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.

Add the single life. Pizza for dinner, pizza as a midnight snack, pizza for breakfast and pizza for lunch.

Always order extra!

My friend Andy was so nice, he sent me a Doctor Who Tardis mug. Guess who's flying it around making Tardis noises now.

Thanks! <3

The heating is making my bedroom feel very cozy 😍

I'm glad I slept two hours during the day, not feeling to well and still having bad nights.
Luckily @WandelStock mentioned The Nightmanager and I just started episode 4. Second time watching this great series.

Het internet biedt ongekende mogelijkheden voor interactieve beleidsvorming.

De Piratenpartij wil ict-kennis meewegen in de hele besluitvorming. Ook rechtstreeks in de ministerraad.

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