Watching the x-files in the dark in front of a blowing fan, good way to cool off

Can't wait for Chilly Gonzales his about to drop on my doorstep on October 14th.

Tor onion v2 are being deprecated. If you haven't moved to v3 yet, now is the time!

Blasting music trough the house and because of open windows most likely trough the neighbourhood. I'll turn it down before 22:00 lol, having a moment

Today was too hot for me on so little sleep. But now I'm watching the dark Knight rises on prime, on the couch next to a blowing fan while it is slightly cooling down outside

Still wide awake. Not feeling too well. Drinking and staying awake is a terrible combination

Drank so much at a party, that I threw the last few sips at a plant. Hope it like rum+coke, because I couldn't process anymore.

Sad thing was that it started as a children party, but the further the night went, the more adult it became. Drank more than usual, so now cooling off on my own couch before the fan, watching xfiles on prime.

Also thought the birthday boy about ipv4 and ipv6 and port forwarding behind nat

Day 4 of skipping morning with this heatwave my body is a bit more picky when it likes it's caffeine intake to start. Starting at lunch time seems to have the desired effect 🀀

Went to eat soup at the store again. Ice tea with passion fruit. Awesome.

Something weird is happening with Phishtank. Many high profile sites (Redfin, Google, Helpscout) are being flagged incorrectly:

And it seems the same group of users are reporting / verifying them.

*some of those domains are also incorrectly flagged on PhishStats.

If you use any of those for security intel/blocking, it might be good to stop for a bit until that is investigated.

Just saw a falling star for the first time in my life. Made a wish. Does that work?

Walked around with a bucket of water, about 5 litres for the plants. Not too heavy. But now my leg is acting up again. Better go and buy a new garden hose this week

Neighbours across the street are idiots, always causing irritations. They decided to throw a party, by the looks of it for about 15 people. No distance at all.

Drove my bike for 22 kilometres today, in the heat. Would've done more otherwise. Maybe I'll do a small ride at sundown tonight

@msjl ik kan geen berichten meer sturen naar nltrix :-( unable to send message

Slept from 21h until 6h last night. It was with the help of prescribed sleeping pills but it was great nonetheless

Hey @matrix !

Any plans for a arm64 release of elements? I am not that keen on having it in the browser - I want it in the taskbar :D

Woke up at 5 am as planned, early day at the office today. Luckily I'm rested for a change πŸ‘Œ

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