For people in the looking for support, here is a simple node.js service that lacks some sanity checking and for now is provided as is that makes files available as a gophermenu.

My purpose was to expose a Hugo blog to gopher via it's json export.

Oh and mostly thanks to @slackz for providing the seed in my brain to create this.

@sexybiggetje sorry if we talked about this before, crap memory, but I've been unabashedly repping @matt 's project, cause it's so so beautiful and about as minimalist as it gets.

Lol, I want a small enthusiastic working group to make gopher support happen for omgomg, too much fun

@slackz @sexybiggetje Just created a task for this with a few general ideas :)

I always thought this would be a pretty cool feature, too. I probably won't have time to work on myself, but I'd absolutely support / merge it if you got a group together to build it!

@matt @sexybiggetje omg, awesome! Thanks so much for seriously considering this :)

You are def giving me strong incentives to learn more Go and experiment with an implementation. I know there would be other ppl interested for sure. and I think attracts a lot of the same ppl interested in gopher for similar reasons - emphasis on content and simplicity. I think I'll browse code tonight and brush up on Go basics.

@sexybiggetje ohhhh niiiiiiice. Good work friend. Will be super interested to look at this when I have some time. I was using gopher for static blog stuff before, but my perfect setup would be a transparent, markdown-driven dual gopher/http site.

have you had any look with the ssl from either client or server side. I know there are some nascent efforts for supporting that on the gopher side, but I had some issues last time around when trying

@slackz Thanks! Ok so first things first, I haven't looked at SSL in Gopher, but that machine runs caddy server so it could maybe just proxy SSL. I'll look into that.

Also Hugo the site generator I use supports markdown. So caddy just serves those files, and hugo-gopher just picks up on changes on the exported json index now, so essentially I'm cross serving that.

@sexybiggetje there's mention of stunnel on the gophernicus README:

was playing with getting that going and had limited success, but the secondary problem is client support. @solderpunk has this project:

but I ran into some oddities that puzzled us both. Wanna get back to it soon, but yeah, the ecosystem there is still young, but ssl is pretty clutch, so having easy support there will be necessary for the gopher resurgence :P

Ok I wasn't too familiar with, so I'm looking at all the links you mentioned now :). I knew it existed.

I have been running my slow blog for a few years, but has only like 10 posts. So not switching platforms. But I do host my blog now on Regular HTTPS, tor, i2p, ipfs and gopher. Hard to beat with any service :)

I'm going to read up on those links :).

What client do you use?

@sexybiggetje for gopher? lol, lynx on *nix and then Pocket Gopher on android (but there are some bugs there). still open to other options, because OverbiteWX... I appreciate the project, but it didn't quite do it for me.

you have a favorite? honestly lynx makes me happy, but it doesn't support ssl either I don't think.

your blog sounds super nifty in terms of stack. what's url again?

@slackz I just use lynx, it just always works. I have DiggieDog on Android, but on many servers it craps out. Not sure as to why, as when I debug on my server it doesn't send strange things.

I'm at gopher:// mainly on 1070 because I didn't want to setcap the whole node process.

@sexybiggetje I really need to bite the bullet someday and learn how to make a basic android app. lol, I've avoided it for so long, but ....

I think there's def massive space for the right gopher client that is super elegant, diff themes, looks good on a phone, ideally with a corresponding *nix desktop version, and that supports ssl.

lol, I know this is a lot but I'd love for it to exist and might do something ridiculous like try to take a crack at it

Kotlin can compile easily to web as well as Android ;)

@slackz @sexybiggetje Adding SSL to Gopher has been discussed many times over the years on the gopher-project mailing list, but it never seems to gain traction. Many gopher types are very protective of backward compatibility with old servers and clients, as this is considered something gopher has handled much better than the web. Some people argue that crypto should be added by serving gopher content over Tor, as this requires no changes to server *or* client.

@solderpunk @slackz
I'm not sure if adding SSL is really needed, I consider gopher a vanity protocol. But gophernicus seems to run SSL on another port, so that's fine as it won't obstruct current clients on regular port 70

@slackz @sexybiggetje My gopher site,, is also available as a Tor hidden service at gopher://bztf2mno3tpwrqop.onio, for this reason, although I do mean to one day try the stunnel thing, too. The TLS support in VF-1 is actually due to @kensanata - not that I object to it, just making sure credit goes where it is due.

I'm old and uncool, is "pretty clutch" a good thing or a bad thing?

@solderpunk @sexybiggetje @kensanata haha, yes, sorry, "clutch" just means something that is key or essential.

isn't tor going to be wickedly slow though? I knew about the general anonymity design principles, but does it also support end-to-end crypto? will have to look more into it; pretty unfamiliar

@slackz @sexybiggetje @kensanata Tor onion services ( do provide end-to-end encryption. And yes, Tor is slow, but gopher is very low bandwidth, so the two cancel out to some extent. Some of the enthusiasm for this approach over TLS comes from the idea that gopher+tor is a perfect match for this very reason.

@solderpunk @slackz @kensanata

For the fun of it I'll set up an I2P tunnel somewhere this week ;). Same principle applies as you wrote.

@solderpunk @slackz @kensanata

gopher://l3vv4lvjxgy5i7i2.onio should work as of now as well :) thanks for the suggestion :D but can't test it on this machine

@solderpunk oh my... this is some very handsome ASCII art friend.

well done! :D

@slackz Heck, that's nothing, many other Zaibatsu users have done better. Check out dozens or visiblink's landing pages. Or the main page of!


Oh I like gitpher! You maintain a nice repository of content on your gopher site

@sexybiggetje Glad you like it! The folk make a similar tool called, IIRC, statgit.

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