So the neighbour screwed panels to the wooden fence and now all screws are on my side sticking out. So I told her, but it didn't get fixed. And that's going to keep me up all night thinking about it

@sexybiggetje they need to be shorter screws. I tried thinking of all all the ways you could shear them off and hammer them back to make them safe because safety really is the issue, but the best solution happens to be the most civil too, replace the screws with shorter ones. It probably isnt too hard

@sexybiggetje the second most civil would be use a pair of vice grips to unscrew the screws from your side of the fence, but then they will have screw heads sticking out on their side. thats only slightly safer.

@sexybiggetje Andbless you for being so conscientious. this world should be safe for everyone

Thank you for your words. Shorter screws is obviously the best solution here. But thoughts are running around in my head, should I complain more etc. But the neighbour said we can look at it tomorrow.

Can't help the thoughts tho

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