I bought some cheap ice at last night so I could grab it easily this morning. It has some sugar in it, but I'm actually surprised how good it tastes


Its a shame of the oneway packaging.

i bought a long time ago a reusable thermoscup. And i make a damn fine coffee 😄

You have to recycle the packaging 3 ways, plastics, cardboard wrapper and the seal.

But yeah I have a thermos flask as well for travelling, and a keepcup that I bring to the coffee company. Keepcups are amazing, and often if you bring it you get a discount.

I bought this because I sleep about 2 hours a night currently and I can easily grab it in the morning. I could prepare coffee in the evening and store it tho


there was no judgement at all. You cant always do the right thing.

btw i love that get your own mug for coffee.

sadly my cup was to big.


I do have a mug at home that is as big as a full kettle of coffee tho. It's also bright yellow. Never leave babies unattended near it as they can drown in it

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