I am so sick of regular cyclists who hate eBikes and assume people who use eBikes are cheating or lazy. There is so much privileged and #ableism in that kind of thinking and I'm fed up arguing with such people. If you are one of those people, please unfollow me now. Or let me know so I can block you.

Because of my legs I'm pondering about buying one. I can totally relate to feeling that way

@sexybiggetje I had given up cycling as I was tired all the time. Having one extended my ability to cycle, and not use a car, for 4 years, before I got to unwell to cycle. They are like a new lease of life. Go for it!


Next spring most likely! It's so sad to hear about an illness limiting a person, even tho it happens to myself. This is a great invention indeed, and one should never judge others for using them

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