So we have different kind of skin tones on , why can't I select a different slice of ? I always get salami/pepperoni, but as a I never eat those

@sexybiggetje As emoji are tiny icons, I pretend the pizza slice has (abstract) sliced tomatoes.

πŸ• nope, doesn't work for my imagination 😏🀭😬

@sexybiggetje Salami isn't even that good. Ultraprocessed meat is yucky. I agree, there should be other flavours of pizzas.

@sexybiggetje Neither #vegan nor #vegetarian here but I agree! I love olives and banana peppers on #pizza ! Now if only I could find a good recipe for vegan cheese that wasn't runny like nacho dip so I didn't have to worry so much about steroids, antibiotics, animal abuse, and my dollars contributing to the massive carbon footprint of livestock farming over the moderate carbon footprint of crop harvesting and so on.

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