Hello World, I'm a geeky developer from the Netherlands.
My toots are usually about coffee, programming, foss, vegetarian food or mental health issues.

In my spare time I write, and help out at mental support groups.
Some of my time is dedicated to programming or writing music.
I'm multilingual, so say hi in your native language and I might learn something new.

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@sexybiggetje halo juga, you are really a multilingual person, Martijn.

@ademalsasa just saying hi and thank you in a few languages get's you far with people 🙂

@schmidt_fu thanks, i've been around for a few years ;) never did a proper introduction I think. So now I've got a new pinned toot.

@sexybiggetje Ah, I'm sorry, then I'm the one who is #newhere ;-)
I did look at your profile, but not close enough :-)

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