Why are potatoes sold with a label on the package? I mean everyone knows that, right?

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True story:

Once a cook at a restaurant asked me if tomatos are #vegan.

IIRC I have even seen bottled water with the label #vegan.
As if there was any doubt.

@sexybiggetje Perhaps potatoes are not truly vegan... if they've been fed on meat? 🀣 I must admit I had no idea how awful some modern farming really is. I saw an advert for "free range cows" and I didn't realise that "non-free range cows" were an actual thing that happens. β˜ΉοΈπŸ„

@mootParadox @sexybiggetje Maybe if they are grown using animal fertilizer like horn meal or manure it doesn't count as vegan?
Apple juice that is filtered using gelatine doesn't count as vegan, too.


bio dynamic produced potatoes are not vegan because in the process they use animal blood and cow horns

@WandelStock @sexybiggetje
this, and the use of animal poop from stables to fertilize the potato field

@sexybiggetje all the plants you’re eating probably eat animal fertiliser

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