Ever since I've had my first Pfizer Shot 3 Saturdays ago, I'm so tired, yet my sleeping disorder still persists. It might be a coincidence, but I see no other correlation. I've been exhausted before, this feels different.
Anyone that has similar experiences, and even better anyone who has a good coping mechanism?

@sexybiggetje Oh, I've been feeling this way too. I don't get that much sleep, but I still feel sleep at the edges of my mind like, nearly all day. It's weird, and I've gotta get over it before work tomorrow. I'm just gonna try my best to sleep extra much or something tonight. At least I'm not sleeping so much during the day like I was for much of last week.

I still sleep the same hours, too little. But I've had a disorder for 25 years. This feels different.

Sorry to hear,

We don't know about the vaccine but have you tried putting music ' on in the background?

Could it just be a coincidence? We don't know your exact age but as people get older they tend to get less sleep. Though it sounds more pronounced in your case.

B-Vitamin supplements those ones that dissolve in water are another thing to try. Weights another, but it sounds like you already know all this kind of stuff.

Wifi today seems to be omitting 2 frequencies 4.xGHz and 5GHz and we wonder if that can affect sleep.

In started the day after the vaccination, it can be a coincidence. It's a know short term side effect, but 3 weeks is not 2 days.
I couldn't find much about longer than 2 days online. So I'm not entirely sure. I'm up on my vitamins as well, and I've been a healthy eater and drinker. I do food and drinks partly from my own garden, but since I'm not sick I don't think it's related to homegrown edibles

Some vaccine side effects are related to inflammation. The most anti-inflammatory foods are Plant-Based Whole Foods, which are generally high in fiber and antioxidants. Loss of sleep also depletes your antixodiant levels. You can learn more from the non-profit,, founded by Dr. Greger:

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