@sexybiggetje Lately I can't get enough of mustard on Brussels sprouts. (btw, sp)

That's a serious suggestion? Never heard of that. I'll have to try that.

@sexybiggetje Heck ya. I don't know if it's a thing people do or not but I do. I love mustard but I was raised using it pretty much exclusively on animal flesh. And mustard sandwiches. So I had all these mustards in the fridge taking up space for years after I went vegan and eventually started trying it on stuff. I think I actually started out experimenting with mustard powder to get [sulforaphane](https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/sulforaphane/) out of my cruciferous veggies but now I just squeeze a blob of mustard on my plate or on top of my sprouts and it has nothing to do with nutrition.

I'm just a lousy luxury vegetarian, so I eat cheese. I do that with mustard. I bet it works on vegan cheese too 🤤

@sexybiggetje The experiences of animal are real. Their suffering is identical in nature to your own.
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