@Maryam @sexybiggetje I bought this... thing from Amazon for my mom's house, but it arrived broken πŸ™

@ilwoody has one of these and recommends it... so I was curious to see if it'd make a better coffee than our old moka.

It's essentially a stovetop coffee maker (like a moka), but brewing through a portafilter (like an espresso machine).


Oh that actually sounds great! I'll go shop for that
@Maryam @ilwoody

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@sexybiggetje @Maryam @ilwoody You're the living proof that "any publicity is good publicity" πŸ˜‚

@codewiz @sexybiggetje @Maryam shah I love my kamira ! Look at the official YouTube video because it’s very simple to operate but requires few tricks to get the coffe at the perfect temperature and taste

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