I wish search engines had an option to leave out paywalled sites or at least indicate them. Was looking for some news, and spend 7 minutes across sites with paywalls.

Together with tracking and huge amounts of scripts this wasted a few trees of CPU cycles on bandwidth and processing and my time. Save the environment, use Gemini πŸ˜€

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We #BLOCKMARK sites these days. Basically its a reverse #bookmark, we list the bigTech firms the site sends data to and a mth'21 (eg. sep'21). We will not return to the site for 9 months.

Everytime we hit a BLOCKMARK it saves us minutes, yes.


We also list things like whether a site is insecure which results in a CAUTION mark rather than a full BLOCKMARK.

We also have a #blocksTor marker, which gives it a BLOCKMARK.

@sexybiggetje You could try sercxi. It doesn't block paywalls as such, but it filters out CloudFlare sites and folds them at the bottom of the results.

Or if you're on #Tor :


@sexybiggetje I find using the web archives extension and click the button circumvents pay walls most of the time.

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