The world is quite negative at the moment. Please take a moment to think of your friends, family and neighbours. Ask them how they are really doing, and take the time to listen.

A few minutes of your time can make all the difference.

I'm not in the best mindset myself, but continued support helps. If you can just help one person in your life, that's really worth it.

@sexybiggetje I'm not the greatest talker, but I'm here to talk if you or anyone else reading needs!

I'm okay. Thanks for offering help to me and the other readers 👌

Nicely put.

A few years ago my friend's brother killed himself.
Turns out in the days preceding to that, he had reached out to a few people to talk, obviously not mentioning his intention to them. He had found them very busy.

The other issue is that when you take the low points of your life to friends, they're less likely to talk to you later since we all have a limit for negativity.

This happens more than most people realise, thanks for sharing this. It's incredible how much a few words can change someone's life

Slightly off topic but, this is a utility that religion can have.

I've been religion indifferent for over twenty years. However, in times of absolute misery and disappointment, I could see how religious mentality could have helped me.

This came up in a conversation with a philosopher once. For how we think about religion in the wrong way. We should think about it as a tool not a lifestyle.

Anyways, no intention to encourage religion here.

Well religion is a great tool in many aspects. It's very social, and can offer handlebars for many things in life

Also forgot to say: Feel better :-)
Maybe one of your pretty coffees. Or maybe Baileys (for a change) is a good way to start your day ;-)

@sexybiggetje @Maryam
Hugs ❤️ to you and all of #fediverse.
You're never alone.
We're here.
I'm here. 🤗

To those who need a shoulder or an ear: Note that response time may be a little slow due to our time differences, so please Hang In There. We do see you. 👀

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