Now mastodon has started a bullshit where if I login with a web browser it sends security code to my email address! And there's no way to disable this!


Sadly, I cant disable this either for individual users that really need it disabled.
But well, I do think that it is a good thing that people start using 2FA.

But it wont make mastodon more popular

@selea @redstarfish

Maybe switch on 2fa and use an open source authenticator?

Its a small step, but a good one. I use 2fa as much as i can and installed aegis (android) on all my devices.

@WandelStock @selea @redstarfish What I do. Use KeePassXC or any other TOTP generator and you're done.

@tagomago @selea @redstarfish

Exactly. There are password managers with 2fa but that is unsafe


Because you potentionally store your 2FA code with your password. That makes it essentially a single point of failure.

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Some password managers store next to a password also the 2fa, so you can logon with one programm. But because you store 2 ways of identifying in one app you lose the advantage of a second authentication, so it is useless. Best way is to use 2 seperate apps

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