It's cold outside, but it's warmer than yesterday and now we have a great blue sky

My delicious baked slow roasted broccoli and cauliflower in homemade teriyaki sauce

Slowly roasted tray bake over a course of 3 hours. consists of , , red a small bit of olive oil and a heap of and

Went on a small hike in Appelscha with my dad. Just on the border of and

I can highly recommend the Cervisium Dawn of the Red . It's now my highest rated beer on untappd. Different berries and cherry.

Went on a 17 kilometres long ride with dad. Visiting small neighbouring towns and .

I bought two new cups. They are great, too big for too small for my usual intake. Just right for the first cups so the coffee pot can keep the rest warm :).

This doesn't complete my hunt for a great coffee mug tho.

Cycled with a friend, discovering new places deep in the of . We went er this shady bridge in zich had 2 broken boards, luckily my was up for it. was great here tho

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