I bought some cheap ice at last night so I could grab it easily this morning. It has some sugar in it, but I'm actually surprised how good it tastes

Look what @gravityisforsuckers has gotten me! How awesome. Going to improve my English jokes :D

alcohol, craft beer 

alcohol, picture of beer 

picture of beer 

Terrible office #coffee 

While I found a little some worms and so I already provided them a temporary home for my new

I just bought geometry wars evolved on , it's so awesome. After years of geometry wars on the wii, this makes a great upgrade

foot and lek in a bandage 

Oh always hangs. 's year of the desktop is 201x? Don't be hating, every OS has it's own set of problems :). Just reboot from time to time.

Working on detecting source image 1 in source image 3 and 4 using tracking.js. but not getting very far yet.

Bringing back some life to haxe-linguistics after a three year hiatus.

Maybe I should start cleaning up some in progress code that I left, but text summarization has my interest at the moment :).

@dansup on my mobile the notifications area keeps loading. Thought it was temporarily but it's been doing that for at least a day. I added the app to my homescreen but killed it a few times again to no avail.
Of course pressing see all works :)

Just made a new batch of pickled cucumber onion and paprika in apple vinegar

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