Cycled 3 kilometers with a 2 meter pole, and added it to my tree. It was more of a problem getting it through the branches.

Three different kinds of mint. From the herb . Includes apple mint and 'regular' mint. Forgot what other kind I planted πŸ˜…. @plants

Had this cup since I was a child. So it must be around 30 years old I gather. Now it holds my today. It always tastes better with sentimental feelings πŸ˜‚

Tomorrow's slowly steamed carrots with a small coating of olive oil and sugar with pepper and chili flakes

Tried a small batch of my first home grown . I only like spinach in a creme sauce, so also made that.

Just a simple rice dish today, tomato paste, peas, chickpeas and some herbs

So, another day, another bike ride. But this time in employer sponsored gear!

Have you been cycling again you ask? Well yes! Went to see the border marker in the beautiful in near my home. Crossed a little bit into but luckily quickly returned home 😏

large quantities of alcohol pictured 

Mixing and aging Dominican alcohol for the coming days

Brewing some cold from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Fairtrade Colombian coffee at it's finest!


picture of alcohol 

Drinking a 15 year aged metusalem rum in the evening sun in my backyard

Went on a 30 kilometres trip with my dad after work. Went to earnewald in , one of the most touristic spots, but currently not too busy.

My plants are doing great, hoping to see them develop berries. They are three years old now, and they had flowers for the first time.

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