Went to eat soup at the store again. Ice tea with passion fruit. Awesome.

Making your own is so much better. Only added a small amount of Stevia for extra sweetness. The rest are strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and redberries.

Having a bronckhorster James blond , which is perfect for the current weather.

Was going to make shakshuka, but instead opted for a based . A lot of and a bunch of spices, with a topping of baked crispy onions and .

selfie, eyecontact 

Was cycling for a bit, catched a few clouds that were wetter than they looked

Removed some flowers from the garden, because their season was over. Very much of these large snails appeared. @plants

Morning before 6am as the sun rises. Enjoying my new coffee bench. Could use a small table.

The Apple tree was woollice on it. Every year it takes 2 or 3 days of spraying with organic spray. Looking for alternative preventive measures.


Said cauliflower straight from the , pregrilled them at home. They contain milk and flour and some herbs and cumin

Bread, sun and . It's a bit windy outside, but I'll take it for . And yes that's milk in my coffee

Booted my EEE 901, the disk still had opensuse 13.1 on it. Installing a few years of updates to play around. It's still surprisingly fast.

@tuxedocomputers I wanted to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04, so I downloaded the latest webfai-notebook, as per the upgrade guide on the website. But it only lists 18.04. then I wanted to try manjaro 18, but manjaro gnome isn't listed.

So basically, you refer to Ubuntu 20.04 being available in webfai, but isn't. How to proceed?

Took a picture of the ferns at the front door. Just to see if they match @GwenfarsGarden current situation :). @plants

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