German Rheinländer beans, thyme, mixed purple and green basilicum and black pearl peppers in the

cc: @Maryam

Not sure if it's the brick or my oil thyme pepper seasoning, but never had carrots this good.

Making my first pot dish, carrots with some herbs, garlic and onion. Not sure how long it should go in the oven so let's try 45 minutes first.

@selea I'm unable to use, after writing "test" or pasting something for @finlaydag33k It says "Server error" in a notification bar;

Fixing up my not entirely perfect paint but I will clean that up afterwards I guess.

Had to try my completely non traditional Brussels . Fried them up for a great .

Made some for dinner today. Made some satay sauce to do with it, the garlic sauce is store bought

Making a out of blended tomatoes, fermented onion, fermented garlic, corn, chickpeas, cauliflower and broccoli. Going to be great after a few hours of simmering. One of the benefits of working from home

My having a shrimp party at night in the . I guess social distancing doesn't apply to them

These awesome critters are great at devastating in my , but recently I added some new ones so the can eat what they want :)

Today's state of the . I'm afraid that the philodendron is already giving up, it's loosing it's cool already. Maybe not the best climate for them. indoors.

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