Preparing a litre of fresh water for the coming hot days. I'll be diluting it with every glass I take.

Just fried up some with spices. Cumin, paprikapowder make for a great quick dinner. @food

My plant has several flowers this year. Maybe some more beans than last year (just 1!). @plants

Cauliflower steamed in a sauce of milk and cheese and a small amount of mustard to taste.

Looks like doctor strange the multiverse of madness is streaming 📺

Having breakfast with the best of both worlds. A dirty . Which is basically with espresso .

making alrohol 

Because the last batch of pineapple rum was requested by friends and family so much, I've now started a batch on white with mango and pineapple.

I've never grown before, so let's see how this goes. At least it started carrying fruit. Now to wait to turn red 😂 @plants

I let dalle generate images based on my logo, a pig wearing a party hat. It does so quite well! :O

My largest at the moment. It measures about 2 by 4 centimeters. Should become a black colour soon. @plants @pepper

Had a long day at work with drinks with the client, and a small after party with the colleagues. When I got home, I was greeted by this cute pig in my garden. My dad found it at a store and couldn't leave it behind 🐽🥰

Made infused . After soaking the pineapple for 6 days this treat came out. I've reused the pineapple for ice after slightly heating them to evaporate the , planted the top and used the skin for fermented pineapple water.

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