Slept too little, so skipped most part of the day; its now 2 PM, and I'm drinking my first and only cup today. To break down the caffeine I've added a splash of milk

Having my first of the day, in the afternoon. But in my defense, I slept late and was busy afterwards :)

Drinking a wylam macchiato , it's hazelnut and . Very nice as a porter.

Five and a half hours of today, that's above average of this week but I can still complain right? Now let's make some

Slept 2 hours and 20 minutes today, but my friend has helped me get started on work \o/

I bought two new cups. They are great, too big for too small for my usual intake. Just right for the first cups so the coffee pot can keep the rest warm :).

This doesn't complete my hunt for a great coffee mug tho.

Having the morning in the door opening because it's raining. Ethiopian is the best.

Drank some Douwe Egberts this morning, now I remember why I never buy it. Bland, tasteless stuff, yuk.

My friend Andy bought me some on ko-fi today. Much appreciated! 🀀

Day 4 of skipping morning with this heatwave my body is a bit more picky when it likes it's caffeine intake to start. Starting at lunch time seems to have the desired effect 🀀

Treated myself to a vanilla latte this morning, got some new vanilla syrop last week

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