Made my first Turkish with the cezve that I've gotten today. With sugar and milk because it's already in the evening. It's very good 🀀

Just ordered a cezve for Turkish so that might be a theme in my posts coming week

Starting the morning with a cold brew from Colombia. πŸ€€β˜•

Could the smell of office perhaps be used as a fly repellant? 😱

Forgot to make at breakfast this morning, how did I wake up?

Had this cup since I was a child. So it must be around 30 years old I gather. Now it holds my today. It always tastes better with sentimental feelings πŸ˜‚

There isn't enough in the world to keep me awake, but luckily I'm on the lookout for the ups delivery van for my new hardware! πŸ˜ƒ

I invented something cool. A Schierker Feuerstein hazelnut cold brew . It's a mouthful but totally worth it.

Get a cup of steeped cold brew coffee, at a small spoon of hazelnut syrup and a shot of Schierker Feuerstein. Enjoy.

I made a cold brew steeped in equal parts of milk and water. It's good.

What is your favourite origin? 'they' usually say the best comes from Colombia, but I usually prefer Ethiopian coffee

Brewing some cold from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Fairtrade Colombian coffee at it's finest!


Saw my colleagues, ate soup at my favourite place, and drank too much terrible machine at the office today. More of this please.

Having before seeing some of my colleagues in real life ☺️

My plants are doing great, hoping to see them develop berries. They are three years old now, and they had flowers for the first time.

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