Listening to Hooverphonic, drinking , and fixing an ancient bug in our platform code. All while the weather outside is awesome! But bad for the allergies.

Making some boot which was sent to me by a colleague. Now have the ethiopian batch on the mill 🀀 β˜•

Drinking some Ethiopian while double filtering my first batch of homemade

Got some Peroni with my , just as with they shouldn't make beer πŸ˜ƒ

It's Sunday alright, and toast. Still recovering from the two windy bike rides yesterday

I gave my colleague my free Samsung Galaxy Ear buds, that I was eligible for trough a promotion. And he sent me 3 bags of in return. Sounds like a fair trade. (Get it? :D)

Ahh Sunday morning, and an update from infected mushroom on their YouTube channel 😍

Today the DHL parcel guy delivered fresh from, it's my second order with them. Last batch was very great.

Making a fresh batch of Ethiopian after the company meeting. 10 AM is a good time for coffee.

Today's is made possible by my boss. In the christmas box there was a bag of beans by Dutch Beans.

The machine acted weird today. It worked fine after pulling the plug en re-inserting it.

Not sure if that's a bad sign. Most likely is. But I bought it in march I think. It should last longer, I took great care of it.

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