Making a fresh batch of Ethiopian after the company meeting. 10 AM is a good time for coffee.

Today's is made possible by my boss. In the christmas box there was a bag of beans by Dutch Beans.

The machine acted weird today. It worked fine after pulling the plug en re-inserting it.

Not sure if that's a bad sign. Most likely is. But I bought it in march I think. It should last longer, I took great care of it.

Time for a sori brewing and voodoo brewing ! Pouring the lost room Imperial Baltic porter with and

I've got some brand new bags of Moyee as a thank you from a friend. Never had these before

Lunch is great. On the last few beans of my Kenian batch.

Slept too little, so skipped most part of the day; its now 2 PM, and I'm drinking my first and only cup today. To break down the caffeine I've added a splash of milk

Having my first of the day, in the afternoon. But in my defense, I slept late and was busy afterwards :)

Drinking a wylam macchiato , it's hazelnut and . Very nice as a porter.

Five and a half hours of today, that's above average of this week but I can still complain right? Now let's make some

Slept 2 hours and 20 minutes today, but my friend has helped me get started on work \o/

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