My plant has several flowers this year. Maybe some more beans than last year (just 1!). @plants

This morning is started with cold brew . A fresh batch with a bit older grind, so it's a bit nutty.

Having breakfast with the best of both worlds. A dirty . Which is basically with espresso .

Decided to skip the until I have been to the hospital (scheduled appointment). Unfortunately for me, my appointment is after lunch.

Good morning. If someone has some spare energy, send it my way please 🤗. I'm not sure if can fix this. ☕

After mixing my own pineapple with tonic yesterday, I wasn't sure if I could make something just as tasty. But I froze into ice cubes, added hot milk to it and a little bit of hazelnut syrup. Best of today I guess!

In the small town of near , conveniently located on my two hour bike ride, they sell for a euro. They trust you to pay, and help yourself from the thermos. I love this. Always bring a euro.

Having this much gear isn't always easy. I'm thinking about what style I want to brew on this fine Sunday morning

Good morning and ! Today will be warm and overcast, let's see if wearing long sleeves was a mistake or not 😂. Let's first start with a nice cup of ☕🤤

Today I went to the Nature Historic Museum, natuur museum in . Next to being a good museum, they actually had a very decent cup of which was included in the ticket price. You wouldn't have guessed that at a museum, right?

By popular demand, the new cup. Just in time to end the Sunday morning with a nice in the garden.

Had a few cups of with dad in the sun, until it got too hot for me. Now indoors with water 😅

It's great weather to drink a cup of in the garden in the early evening

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