Apple's privacy; we are the only and platform, and now: please send us all your internet traffic, trust us. πŸ˜‚

Monterey. 'private relay' πŸ˜‚

I left the apple ecosystem for different reasons (they hate foss, web and crossplatform development nowadays), but I'm so glad I did.

Yes I use as a daily driver, yes I use as a daily driver, yes I use almost daily, but never touch that os again.

So, my Dell 11 won't get updates soon anymore. So going to attempt to replace it with but still looking as what to put on it. I mainly play music over bluetooth from when I'm cleaning or showering. So it would need to have a modern webbrowser and bluetooth support. maybe with an desktop? Really anything goes. But it needs to be light.

The year of on the desktop. Upgrading Ubuntu 20.10 to 21.04 bricked the operating system on my TV attached nuc. :(

I still have an old Chinese dance controller on usb. Is still a thing or is there something newer for ?

What is the smallest 2 port single board computer I can get in to filter traffic behind my ISP provided modem? Must be able to run or

in 2019, you upgrade a Ubuntu 19.04 install that's pretty clean to 19.10 and just after pressing okay it encounters a fatal error. Happens every upgrade on every machine. Better go look for a rolling release distro

Just bought Ion Fury (Ion Maiden) and played it for a few hours. This is the best since Duke Nukem 3D lol, can recommend it to anyone.

I just bought geometry wars evolved on , it's so awesome. After years of geometry wars on the wii, this makes a great upgrade

Dear what is the state on wireless Xbox one controllers on ? I'm using 19.04 and primarily. My wired controller works fine but it's cable gets tangled up a lot.

Oh always hangs. 's year of the desktop is 201x? Don't be hating, every OS has it's own set of problems :). Just reboot from time to time.

I have been playing dead cells on for some hours. Sadly it performs less than on my but at least I can play it on my couch on the big tv. What a great game. And written in my favourite programming language .


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