@dcid Everyone has the right to communicate freely. If that breaks (local) law, that's a problem, but not really Signal's problem. Law enforcement should identify these persons/groups in another way then.

In a way it's just like pirating, you should take care of the people pirating, not the platform.

Nice, #valheim will be in Early Access starting february 2nd: valheimgame.com/. I clocked around ~300 hours on this when I take alpha and various beta times into account and also provided dedicated servers during development for years. All on Linux PC πŸ˜€ Great to see this gem moving forward πŸŽ‰ (beko.famkos.net/t/1Aay)

Awesome, server downtime in production when creating a snapshot for providing a rollback scenario when upgrades go wrong.

Who prepares for downtime when your preparations go wrong.

@luricaun it's blue monday actually. The day people stop their new years resolutions and get winter depressed about it.

Statistically speaking ofcourse.

@dansup we have regular css variables nowadays, one could exploit those without the need of recompiling sass

Noticing that #Element is not as sluggish for me right now which is good. Looking for a good discussion room for #movies but I’m not really seeing anything with much activity. Does anyone know of an active one?

I have no so, it gave a nice red banner that it was down, but I only had like 2 hours of delayed messages on Friday. For the rest of the time it worked fine for me and my friends.

I recently noticed that a lot of peertube and other decentralised infrastructure seems to run at Hetzner, because they provide good value for money. But if the decentralised web stores everything at 1 ISP it's not really decentralised now is it?

I guess the Google services take care of the communication yes

On Tuesday my new plants will arrive. Ordered a few baby for in my . My like to eat plants better than their food, so it's a continuous process of renewing.

Let's see how long it takes, last rebuild is from march.

Works fine here, have plenty of battery juice since I removed Facebook and Instagram :)

I always have to cry about the gitlab interface.
Prefer gitea or GitHub. I hold no grudge against GitHub, but am currently active on @codeberg and self hosted gitea.


I see a lot of people using hetzner lately. Not good for decentralisation :)

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