is a great tool for freedom of speech. I'm running 4 routers at different locations, but overall traffic seems to have increased with about 30% extra on top of the regular ~5% of the past year. I need to up my bandwidth and CPU specs probably to handle the increase better. Java i2p is making the vm's running at full CPU continuously and i2pd seems a bit lighter but is also configured for less connections

This morning is once again sponsored by my favourite drug, . Good morning and !

Just ordered for me and dad. Becoming a very regular customer

Made ice from a fresh batch of Ethiopian beans yesterday evening, and at least I'm wide awake this morning. The wonderful mild and sweet peachy taste of these beans really shine trough when steeping in cold water for 11 hours. A splash of milk to finish it off and you're set

Ik kan van harte the barn aanbevelen, zowel het cafΓ© als de branderij. Internationaal ook vrij bekend

My apple tree has yielded 13 apples today. The rest has been claimed by wasps and various insects. Nature has about 40 apples, I think this is a good share between us :).

I could eat more greens, I usually do, but I've been lacking those. As for nuts, I usually eat about a handful of diverse nuts everyday. Mostly almond, peanut without skin and macademia

@alextee so I've been eating mostly fruit and some sandwiches for lunch. I'm not getting my energy back. But I'm also sleep deprived (I have a problem) so can't blame the fruit :). I gave it my best shot at the current conditions

Going to make a bean run for some fresh tomorrow. The local store, kaldi, has a new batch of Ethiopian beans.

What does that make cold showers in this context? :)

It's awesome. Bought it on Sunday, played for a few hours

@fedilab since the previous version and with 2.15.0 as well, when I receive a notification and click it the app opens, shows the toot and after about a second closes. It doesn't crash, just closes. Opening it back up restores the window fine.

Android 9 on Nokia 8, running from the play store

Websites that autoplay videos with loud electronic music should be punished. Forgot to mute my sound on public transport lol

I do have a mug at home that is as big as a full kettle of coffee tho. It's also bright yellow. Never leave babies unattended near it as they can drown in it

You have to recycle the packaging 3 ways, plastics, cardboard wrapper and the seal.

But yeah I have a thermos flask as well for travelling, and a keepcup that I bring to the coffee company. Keepcups are amazing, and often if you bring it you get a discount.

I bought this because I sleep about 2 hours a night currently and I can easily grab it in the morning. I could prepare coffee in the evening and store it tho

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