Just had an hour long call with colleagues, all good and fun and totally needed, but I need my now

@OpenValley I joined the matrix chat if you have any questions or suggestions on the files

@OpenValley how accurate does it need to be? I have a PSD and Photoshop Gradient file for this as well. Of the attachment one would be a transparant png, and one a black matted jpg (if mastodon/instance doesnt convert it)

Cheesy joke 

The CW in itself is great as well. Well played.

Had a bag of old from Christmas, but it was sealed up nicely, so decided to make a cold brew yesterday. 14.5 hours in the coffee tastes so good 🀀

500 years per day? Sounds a bit overestimated to me, I only see a captcha like once a fortnight

After an hour of sleep, wide awake, so watching Scary Movie 3.5 uncut! Best way to celebrate the night is with terrible comedy horror πŸ˜…

@claudiom that's true, but FOSS loving as I am, I don't really need my keyboard to be so. It's a nice to have tho.

German RheinlΓ€nder beans, thyme, mixed purple and green basilicum and black pearl peppers in the

cc: @Maryam

The year of on the desktop. Upgrading Ubuntu 20.10 to 21.04 bricked the operating system on my TV attached nuc. :(

It's been in previous posts, but I'll take a picture when it stops raining πŸ˜…

Here it is empty, before applying glue to the top window

Bad purchase! πŸ˜– 

Wow, how did that pass quality assurance....

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