I'm moving instances. @martijn will be my new handle. Expect some follow requests.

My bike streams will be announced by on my @stream account. I've disabled chat. If you don't like audio, disable it as the gopro isn't able to disable it (which according to the manual would cause a bug in owncast as well).

I've bought a bike mount and a GoPro so I'm almost ready to live stream my bike rides 😮

👾 What better way to spend a Friday than taking a trip through the InterPlanetary File System? IPFS is a P2P, content addressable distribution system and now it has a Bubble Tea infused TUI thanks to `ipfs-tui`!


#coffee in Dokkum, maar dan geen Dokkumer koffie. En een kapot randje, maar hij smaakt verder goed 🤤

De laatste vrijdag van de week is daar een goed excuus voor 🤔🤤

I'm considering moving pixelfed to codeberg.org, is there an easy way to mirror a GH repo so I can ease the transition process?


@dansup yes, gitea/codeberg can do mirrors. But it's disabled on @codeberg but you might ask them to enable it for you? On the top right -> Plus sign -> new migration -> github, and then you'll find a mirror option with a notice that it's disabled.

Didn't everyone switch to main as the default branch 🤔

That's good advice, I'll get that. Probably going to have to try a small batch first 😅

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