En je had ook al de baard van Frans Timmermans toch πŸ˜‚

Uncontrolled and paper notes everywhere. Sometimes I send slack messages to myself

No, but my belly is a constant reminder, and it goes everywhere!

Mogelijk maar ik moet mijn nieuwe bialetti ook nog even proberen

Made my first Turkish with the cezve that I've gotten today. With sugar and milk because it's already in the evening. It's very good 🀀

De DHL bezorg(st)er bringt it zo on tussen nu en over 2 uur

Ondertussen worden we allemaal besmet met nano 5g chips die via het toiletafvoer in het drinkwater belanden omdat ze niet gefilterd worden om zo niet gevaccineerden oraal chips toe te dienen! πŸ˜‚

Just ordered a cezve for Turkish so that might be a theme in my posts coming week

In might need some updating to 2021 ai standards πŸ˜…

Moving swiftly on, yesterday evening I discovered this handy webpage filled with open source game suggestions that work on FreeBSD: freebsdsoftware.org/games/

I sense I've only scratched the surface on #BSD #UNIX gaming, so any suggestions are welcome πŸ™‚

Bomberclone 😍 but my name is in the credits, so full disclosure there

Screen because I'm used to it. Tmux should be the better more advanced choice

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