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From the H to the P on the mic you will see. The people's champ, that's me. 

German Oberländer bread with chocolate spread. A little highlight of the day

Skibadee, skibadanger. I am the rearranger. 

Maak een Websitemachine-selfie en krijg 2 maanden abonnement cadeau!

Doe nu mee aan de selfie-actie van Websitemachine. Een voor iedereen toegankelijke actie waarin deelnemers zichzelf fotograferen (selfie) met een Websitemachine-poster op de achtergrond.

De posters zijn de komende 4 weken op 200 plekken in de randstad te vinden. Plaats je actie-selfie op social media met de hashtag en krijg 2 maanden abonnement cadeau.

Details vind je op

mental health, big pharma 

picture of beer 

What an amazing card I got from @sexybiggetje What a thoughtful, good friend! Love it!

Haven't had Chinese takeout in a few months, tonight was a great meal. Vegetarian band noodles, foo young hai and red sauce. Hmm. Have leftovers for tomorrow.

Anyone interested in #translating #rmw? Before you start, please open a ticket for the language you'll be working on so work won't overlap. @sexybiggetje

Very disappointed by , two fatal errors when creating my first VM. Virtual box was easy peasy.

suicide ratings 

Oh noes. One of my isopods crawled into the water reservoir and drowned :(

Good morning! Starting at the office at 7 am again because of the heat. Heat will pass tomorrow. Now time for the first of the day before switching to .

Just ordered parts for the first phase of my . Bit worried because I still haven't gotten an order confirmation tho.

Dear , I'm looking for ways/ideas/plans to collect rainwater for hot summers. Something I can make this summer. Looking for ideas like heightened planters that collect excess water from the soil on top. Those kind of things.

a bit

I have been following a wide range of people with different opinion and background for the last year that I have been a member if the #fediverse , and I can recommend anyone doing the same.

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