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Take a break before you need it. It will make it easier to prevent burnout.

It saddens me that not all applications bind ctrl+enter to send a message and require you to tab (if tabindex was set properly) or use the mouse :(.

The game of goose is coming along nicely, just patched out a few bugs in the proof of concept.

Will be a lot of work to generate graphics for the multiplayer dialogs. I just used some photoshop magic to create the rule dialog, but I think I need a proper nine-scale image. But with a transparant background to fill it with a perkament texture.

On it.

Cat quest is truly an amazing game. RPG, cats, hack n slash. And cute graphics.

I don't get why some people don't like Brussel sprouts. I just made a lovely midnight snack out of them by grilling them with some spices.

Watching some MTV catfish on New year's Day is a good way to start the year

The clock passed twelve here; happy new year! Be safe, be well, and most important, be yourself πŸ€—

Writing a multiplayer online version of game of goose. There is so much nice artwork from very long ago :)

It's a typical European with I think french roots. It's very common in the Netherlands

Today's is made possible by my boss. In the christmas box there was a bag of beans by Dutch Beans.

Oh, hello there.


tl;dr - I'm a #queer, #pagan, #autistic software engineer from my beloved NJ. I write #fiction & #essays, play #videogames & #read. I like #tea, #comicbooks, #oldtech & #music. I'm older than most of you.

Most of my posts are self-indulgent ramblings about stuff that passes through my head and grumblings about technology. I don't shitpost. ymmv.

My alt is which I use for various writing talk and announcements.

My hub for finding me and my projects is

I enjoy showing my learning process, hopefully demystifying how the tech industry works. I chat about the ideas I have that I don't have time to manifest.

I'm a neutral good paladin and I am friends with chaos. Systems have their uses, but my moral code will always take precedence.

I believe in kindness and do my best to help when I can.

#introductions #reintroductions


I do a LOT of things, many of which are meant to be helpful to others and some just because I love doing them.

I run, a speculative lit mag for women-identified authors.

I run & its bots for those that need self care resources.

I've have a newsletter (, create web development guides (, and maintain a digital garden (

Details on all this stuff and more are here:

You can also find my books and card decks here (sales announced on my alt):
β€’ gumroad:
β€’ amazon:


I'm fortunate enough to be financially stable right now so please feel free to donate elsewhere. That said, if you'd like to tip me for my community work, I always enjoy a cup of tea:

Late night listening to Depeche Mode. Playing the angel is one of the most iconic albums out there

My book's website had a busted SSL for a while now but it's fixed!

It’s very rare that I can say I'm unabashedly proud of something. This book is it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written, one of the best things I’ve ever created in any medium.

If you're looking for something to read, there's a sample chapter on the site:

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