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I just happen to like , if you share this animal love look at the following Instagram with your speakers turned up to 11 πŸ˜‚

My having a shrimp party at night in the . I guess social distancing doesn't apply to them

These awesome critters are great at devastating in my , but recently I added some new ones so the can eat what they want :)

eephttpd eepHttpd is a web hosting tool for content in I2P, I2P sites, and I2P torrents. Written in pure-Go.

Making a fresh batch of Ethiopian after the company meeting. 10 AM is a good time for coffee.

@sexybiggetje thank you for your scss contribution on codeberg for #diva. πŸ™πŸ‘

The last weeks have been intensive on the communication side of the project - we are looking forward to focus again more on code. πŸš€

Can't wait to make Hete Bliksem with my fermented onions. Himmel und Erde in German. Basically it's mashed potatoes with onion, a sour apple and a sweet apple.

@social had an nice #talk at #fosdem @fosdem online and @konrad (the Speaker)

showed my DIVA.EXCHANGE logo at the end, which I had painted as an acrylic picture

and my @codeberg account as link and QR Code .

A very warm greeting to DIVA.EXCHANGE ❀️

@konrad I can't get Docker to run on this old Windows machine that I use. But I have made some restructuring to the scss (without compiling or running the app). Could you check out the branch I have just pushed?

If it looks ok, I can make a PR out of it.

Snowed in, popcorn ready. All set for @konrad his lightning talk at

Just published my resume over on gemini:// for those who can read it.

Also for 'modern browsers', the site itself is pretty lightweight. Same domain, you know how to get there.

Why do you build what you're building? I think I'm after something real, for once, in a sea of crappy commercialism.

Any server that can do name based virtual hosting and can pick up requested/managed certificates? (That also means watching the certificates for refreshes).

Would be even better to have a caddy app, but none seem to exist yet

My energy/gas bill more than doubled since working from home :(

Coronacrisis, toeslagenschandaal en woningnood.

De Piratenpartij heeft een programma met oplossingen.

Steun de campagne van de Piratenpartij.

Dat kan al vanaf 1 minuut!

I really would like to applaud the efforts of @apps and @fdroidorg for current development. After being able to switch to the latest version of things have been working much smoother for me.

Still some issues, for example I have changed my language to English but everything is still in Dutch (my system language). I should file bugs, I know.

Long story short, thanks Tom, f-droid and whoever had the patience to answer the most basic questions on the apps account πŸ₯°

I was looking at star projectors because I'm an insomniac, but they are either cheap and probably not real entertaining, or expensive. The dark skys ds1 home planetarium looks pretty cool, but it is almost 600$ and then it still needs to be shipped here.

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