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The weather is very bad, most likely thunderstorms. Slept for an hour and now completely broken. The air is thick and warm. Now lying on the couch feeling like crap

Writing new code, but it has to be compatible with an old data format. Can you imagine my day?

Saw my colleagues, ate soup at my favourite place, and drank too much terrible machine at the office today. More of this please.

Hey Fediverse,

ich weiรŸ, keine sexy #Frage: Aber ich wรผrde gerne mal von euch wissen, welche Software / welches Programm ihr fรผr eure #Steuererklรคrung unter #Linux nutzt? Das OS meiner Wahl ist #OpenSuse. Am liebsten natรผrlich SW die lokal lรคuft. Onlineprogramme sind mir zu unsicher.

Gerne #boosten.


Having before seeing some of my colleagues in real life โ˜บ๏ธ

Found some discounted coffee in the supermarket yesterday, because they clear inventory. So I bought 3 packs for my cold brews. First batch seems good. I use about 120 grams per batch. So I think this buy is going to yield about 7 liters.

Liberate the code! #GitHub is not the gold standard for #code hosting. Free alternatives exist, there are #Gitea and #GitLab instances out there. And if you don't know where to go, you can join today - the community-maintained #git hosting.

This night of insomnia is being made into an acceptable one by the * has fallen movies.

picture of alcohol 

Drinking a 15 year aged metusalem rum in the evening sun in my backyard

Went on a 30 kilometres trip with my dad after work. Went to earnewald in , one of the most touristic spots, but currently not too busy.

Planted Chamomile, Bergamot, Apple mint, Mint, Rosemary and two rows of Spinach outside. I hope they're in a good spot. They are in the open, partly sunny and partly in the shade.


De EU wil meelezen met al uw privรฉ-berichten en e-mails, zogenaamd om kindermisbruik tegen te gaan.

Met als gevolg het einde van de geheimhouding van digitale correspondentie.

It's almost June, but my body hurts like January because of the rain and cold. Well looks like I'll be turning up the heating again


#Haiku is pure love
In its purest form, no less.
No other compares.


#haikuos #beos

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