Well Castlevania S2 straight up wrecked me. Everything involving Dracula was just.... goddamn. And that ENDING. The last scene will really stick with me for awhile.

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BREAK OUT, the first entry in the HOUSE OF THE HOSTS series.

Written by @sfeertheorist, and featuring the art of Sloane Leong ( sloanesloane on twitter!) !!

SITE: littlefoolery.com/houseoftheho

BUY: hivemill.com/collections/littl

Happy First of Spoopy Month!

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Promotional poster I did for a new title coming to littlefoolery.com for October, HOUSE OF THE HOSTS, written by @sfeertheorist.

The first story, BREAK OUT, will feature the art of Sloane Leong!

Look forward to it!!

KOFI LINK: ko-fi.com/i/IG2G7K5RA

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HOKAY kind of last minute but I'll be attending Ladiescon 2018 in Somerville, MA on September 22!

It's only a one-day con and it's the only East-Coast con I'm doing this year, so if you want to drop by that weekend come say hello!!




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Chapter 3, Pages 82-85 are up!

READ THIS CURRENT UPDATE FROM HERE: sfeertheory.com/comic/03-82-83

Chapter 3 is officially COMPLETED! Stay tuned for news on the Catalogue 3 book and Chapter 4!



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Ever, really? One of the most revelatory things about seeking treatment for anxiety was realizing how far back it's gone. The most pointed question I was asked, when I said it manifested as a teenager, was "Are you sure it wasn't earlier?" and I realized, oh. Yes. I did have panic attacks as a small child.

But even though I'm still looking for full time work and my current part time gig is a bit insane, even though most of my creative stuff is sort of stalled right now, I still feel much better about myself and life in general than I have in a long, long time

ps. when I say startup culture for the win, I actually mean 'fuck start up culture' -- multiple people at that place apparently jumped ship right after I did, which says everything about how toxic that place was. But even at my worst at that place I somehow managed to make clearer decisions than I would've if I weren't getting treated

I still feel things and I still get stressed but it's kind of like there's this nice comfy buffer between when I register something and when I process it where I can actually THINK about it and DECIDE how I get to react to it. I don't get hijacked by panic attacks like I used to.

It's all a bit more muted but, honestly, it's the nicest break I've ever had. I don't feel so exhausted by feeling anymore and it's cleared up so much bandwidth for me, mentally

In the past few months I've gone on anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds for the first time (mainly for said anxiety) and the difference it's made is honestly life changing.

I had a tough year since my wife had a bad accident which required surgery, and I had a job opportunity that didn't work out (start up culture for the win), but it's sort of amazing to me how much...better I feel despite it all.

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ON KO-FI: (Libertus Rubedo) Entry 3 Title Image


Early Preview of the title image for Entry 3 of Libertus Rubedo. Entry 3 to be released mid-July.

READ: littlefoolery.com/libertusrube


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ON KO-FI: (Libertus Rubedo) Daiki Design/Expressions


Various expressions of Daiki from Libertus Rubedo (introduced in Chapter 3): littlefoolery.com/libertusrube


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