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Illustrations for

Featuring Kitty, Jimmy and Vincent, in all three pair-ups.



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“It’s so much better just to burn.”

Complimentary illustration to our story, “A Good Wick.” Drawn on Halloween 2017.



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With his land conquered and his father disgraced, a young prince is taken hostage as a vassal for the son of his home's enemy. There, he befriends the warlord’s daughter, who, frustrated by both their lots in life, comes up with a game: they switch places.

A crossdressing prince and the pauper switcharoo story set as a samurai drama. Written by @sfeertheorist


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A fantasy centered on the developing magic-science it's named after. It follows Luca Valentino, brilliantly gifted but denied the opportunity to study Sfeer Theory due to his heritage -- up until he catches the eye of a mysterious professor that employs his assistance.

Currently nearing the end of its 3rd Chapter. Please read if you like war politics, social commentary and queer rep!

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A short story project between myself and @sfeertheorist in the works! A bold princess comes to negotiate a marriage with a dragon.

Currently half-completed and working to have it ready for sale for in 2018

You can view its progress and read it early on my Patreon:

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If I'm honest though, every time I read 'Mastodon" i imagine it being shouted top volume followed by "PTERODACTYL!!"

So thank you, Power Rangers.

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“What's—” Mia started to ask.

“Don’t think about it,” said Taylor. “It’ll be fine.”

Cardinal Orchard, by @sfeertheorist


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another before I turn in

early concepts for Rookie Level game play

That's...a lot of friends in my tootlist? Are we calling it a tootlist? What is the accepted mastodon lingo.

anyway, hi everyone, hi

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Whelp, masto already feels more friendly in ten minutes than a year of twitter! Thank you all for your kind words & follows already. <3

Feels like a good time to add a few old art dumps here just so you've got some eye-candy. : ] Friendly warning that you may be seeing a quite a few posts/boosts at once!

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I feel something so right
by doing the wrong thing
And I feel something so wrong
by doing the right thing

We'll be Counting Stars

TWITTER: Who are you.

MASTODON: I'm you, but less racist.

If I know you from Twitter, please tell me because I honest to god am terrible with keeping up with username changes.

I guess it's time to brush this off and try to get into a habit.

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For new people here, me and my creative partner @sfeertheorist released a twine game called "A Good Wick"! Please check it out!

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He is a guardian spirit who goes by "Bernard" and he is gemini and a chaotic neutral. His job is to serve as a conduit to *~*~the universe*~*~ to his charge but mostly starts fires so GGs hey all mastodon people, check out my webcomic, Sfeer Theory! It is about gay steampunk wizards and politics. Mostly politics.