Just having a serious conversation with my parents about the loss of clip art in Microsoft Word....

Saturday chores 

✓ Updating computer
✓ Updating Dad's website with new content
✓ New blog post
✓ Fresh hair dye
✓ Phone calls with family
✓ Walk to get ice cream

Not bad! And still two days left in the weekend.

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Spending some time today on some tasks: updating my media server, managing my dad's website, and maybe doing a bit of blogging. Let's see how far I get.


I had forgotten how much time it takes to switch phones these days! So many accounts to back-up and re-install. Currently trying to recover my Podcast Addict app.

It's been awhile since I knit a shawl, and I love how my last turned out so much, so I should cast on another, right?

(gushing): Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik is absolutely wonderful! Determined women, magic, a lush world, and beautifully lyrical writing. 4.5 stars!

Playing some tonight! There will be opportunities for the players to both do some deep RPing and also battle opportunities, I wonder which they will choose...

Two weeks into using f.lux on my work computer and it's making a huge difference! I have turned the warmth up for daytime and it's great. Now to try the same on my phone justgetflux.com

This is the greatest thank you ever! I feel very seen by this art! I could totally be a rad cleric with awesome hair and boots.

Testing an IFTTT recipe cross-posting Mastodon content to Twitter!

Co-convened a IT and libraries workshop today, it was really great to see people connect and talk about how we can help each other find solutions and advocate for better solutions together.

Sunday morning multi-tasking, knitting, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (s1e5) and prepping for tonight's D&D game. My players are heading further into the wilds of Chult.

I have started watching Superstition on Netflix, and it such a cool urban fantasy /horror show!

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