Nice, cell phone plan just got a free upgrade, so I dropped it back down to the prior level, and now we save $10 month.

Anyone here use AdGuard DNS? Looking for an whole house ad-blocker so I don’t need to configure and maintain numerous devices.

Well that was weird. Tried doing an internet recovery with a High Sierra install, and internet recovery asked if I wanted to install Lion.

Debugging an extremely slow iMac. Using a MBP in FireWire to run and backup the internal drive so I can do so more testing.

Still haven’t decided if I want an XR or XS Max when my 6s Plus dies. I do need to get a new battery soon though.

I fixed a very broken iPhone 6 and made the owner very happy. Screen was smashed and missing piece, and finally completely failed to display only broken lcd lines.

New screen and home button from iFixit and it looks like new again.

Just so I don’t forget, turning my phone off now.

Looks like Firefox is a much nicer browser now. Seriously fuck a browser that doesn’t allow ublock origin.

Well fuck. Now I want to remove Mojave. Unlock Origin has been permanently disabled and won’t reinstall as a Safari extension.

Still wishing I could stream my iTunes library over the internet to my office computer.

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And it was Little Snitch causing all the issues.

Seems the update killed something network related. I can’t loader ping any websites.

Restarts after installing Mojave are taking several minutes, this is not cool.

Running a backup, then I’ll install Mojave.

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