Sorry for the short interruption, just updated to the latest code.

Here is what you can do on now. Like a permanent follow friday, or myspace top 8, except 4 are displayed in random order out of however many you want.

@Gargron I'm not seeing feature on profile using the three dot elipsis menu - is it a feature rolling out?

@shadowbottle You're not seeing the ellipses in the bottom right of a toot?

@Hoos I'm not seeing the option for "Feature on Profile" - the "permanent follow Friday" feature.

@shadowbottle Ah. Gotcha. Yeah, not seeing that either. You're probably right with the gradual rollout idea.

@Hoos @shadowbottle make sure you refresh your UI in case you haven't. Also, the option appears for people you are following only


@Gargron @Hoos I'm seeing it after a log out/in now, thanks!

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