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A must-watch for everyone, and anyone interested in the social interactions between music, race and cross-cultural understandings of music creation.

“Music Theory and White Supremacy” by Adam Neely

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TeleHealth Ontario (Canada)

Toll Free, 24/7

+1 866 797 0000

When you call, a Registered Nurse will ask you to answer questions so they can assess your health problem and give you advice.

Anyone can call to ask a health-related question. This service is:

* confidential – you may be asked to provide your health card number, but it is not required

* provided in both English and French, with translation support for some other languages

* free for all users

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My favourite cover of Bowie’s Space Oddity... performed IN SPACE! 🤩🌎🌙⭐️☀️

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My family has roots in India & Pakistan. My grandfather was a major in the British Indian army & fought the Japanese during WW2 in Burma. He returned with injuries to his face and torso from shrapnel mortar shells dropping on his regiment. He did what he thought was right and what he thought was his duty.

As much as I condemn war & violence, I understand the need to defend against those who threaten us.

I am proud of my grandfather’s sacrifice. He literally stood up for his beliefs. RIP J.I.

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This account is my 1st time actively participating in social media. I had a fb account back when it started out & needed a university/college email to register. I quit that addiction after a few years when I realized how much time I was wasting. I recently had a birdsite account but only followed a few organizations like NASA, EFF, ProtonMail and news outlets as a way to stay up-to-date. I never followed individuals and I never posted anything. I'm not on ig or any other social media site. 1/5

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1. Wars aren't won in a single battle.
2. It's right and good to appreciate the small wins.
3. The big win is still ahead of us!
4. We ~will~ win

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now white people can go back to ignorance as bliss

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The Obama administration inherited a vast economic crisis. They responded with Quantitative Easing, pumping trillions into the finance sector to rescue the banks that had knowingly gambled on bad mortgages, losing so much they were about to go under.


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The Electoral College needs to go no matter what the outcome of this election, imo.

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India Adie
Ella Fitzgerald
Music Soulchild
Daft Punk
Thievery Corporation
Sam Cooke
Pretty Lights
Stan Getz
Jill Scott
Nat King Cole
Groove Armada
Scott Joplin
Alicia Keys
Anita O’Day
Anthony Hamilton
Erykah Badu
Lupe Fiasco


32. Artist you listen to on a daily basis ?


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Decided to bring my tripod out to try a couple of astrophotography shots on my #Pixel5. With light clouds and a lot of light pollution I'm amazed it was able to capture these. These were also run through Snapseed (it's hdr-scape tool seems to help a lot with the light pollution). Very impressed.

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55% of white women voted for trump. 92% of black women voted for Biden.

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Emergency fundraising, immediate action required. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST 

Okay, y’all... I need help. Big major, I’m-going-to-lose-everything, god-please-help-me help. I’ve detailed my situation as best as I can in the description of my gofundme, so please read it it and share wherever you can, whether you donate or not. Thank you 🖤 This is all I can do now.

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I need a fresh circle of online friends here in the Fediverse. I really feel constrained with the ones on Facebook and Twitter.

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A dombra performance by Marzhan Kapsamat of Nursultan, Kazakhstan. The 23-year-old musician is playing in Lake Köbeituz, a salt lake in Kazakhstan that turns pink every several years.

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uspol meta 

Levar Burton on :birdsite: shared this with the comment, "True reconciliation and healing can only come as a result of justice being served."

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i’ve hacked the meditation app servers and come back to you with their most powerful mindfulness video

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probiotics imply the existence of amateurbiotics

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TFW you wait 24h 16m 30s for a new 5TB USB external hard disk drive to be fully encrypted prior to use.

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