“...[Don Cherry] is spewing hate on Hockey Night in about the lack of contributions made by those he refers to as “you people,” ...on a platform that reaches millions. His ignorant commentary insulted the legacies of countless veterans from non-Western countries — including India and Pakistan, from where many of Canada’s immigrants today hail — who fought in [WW1 & 2] to protect the...freedoms enshrined across the British Commonwealth — including [Canada.]”



My family has roots in India & Pakistan. My grandfather was a major in the British Indian army & fought the Japanese during WW2 in Burma. He returned with injuries to his face and torso from shrapnel mortar shells dropping on his regiment. He did what he thought was right and what he thought was his duty.

As much as I condemn war & violence, I understand the need to defend against those who threaten us.

I am proud of my grandfather’s sacrifice. He literally stood up for his beliefs. RIP J.I.

My grandfather’s older brother was also in the British Indian army and fought in North Africa/Egypt against the Ottomans who were allied with the Germans in WW1. He was killed on the front lines and his body was never returned. More Indians died in that war than Canadians, fighting to protect “Western values.”

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So next time Uncle Hollier-Than-Thou-White-Privilege-Money-Bags gets all anti-immigrant on Remembrance Day because he takes offence to some random brown person not paying a dollar for a poppy pin:

Please get yourself a history lesson because that brown person’s grandparents not only suffered under your grandparent’s imperial oppression and exploitation but they also went and fought your grandparent’s war for them while they sat comfortably on their veranda sipping English Breakfast.

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My father was a captain in the British Army and fought the Japanese in Burma suring WW2.

He was invalided out with PTSD and sent to an insane asylum where ECT helped him (barbaric even though it is) to a degree of "normalcy".

@voidspace I’m sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing this.

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