I recently learned about the 13 planets in our solar system while reading to my 3yo and I’m very excited to share this!

When I was in school we learned about 9 planets. Since then, discoveries were made, models and definitions were revised, and here we have an updated, more accurate map of our solar system.

I gotta say I do love science in these moments.

Small, rocky

Giant, gaseous

Dwarf, icy


we're never going to make it to twenty if they keep downgrading planets like Pluto to sub-planet status.

@wmd it is, just a different classification of type :)

Do you recall when the news was all up in arms with headlines like “Pluto no longer a planet OMG How Rude”?

Yeah... it was mostly pointless and ultimately incorrect

@shahaan did you see that coloring page (and the posters for halloween) from NASA?

They appear to have loads of great kid-friendly learning stuff on their pages.

(Please share any similar Canadian resources you find/know; although NASA tends to be rather "education and science are awesome, here's what we are learning now that we didn't know before!" I'd love to see another take on this stuff. Also there's more possibilities to see something in French (: )

@Truck I didn’t see those posters! Do you have a link?

@shahaan (various coloring pages can be fround from various links there, didn't find the one I found yesterday, did just find this:



I'm just randomly finding things, I'm fairly sure with actual search something can be found concerning the solar system, rather that ouside it (:

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