I did a life hack. (Is that what it’s called? Anyway...)

You know the plastic packaging All The Things™️ come in? I cut away the extra bits and turn them into covers to keep the items clean when not in use.

I get free custom-fitted covers and it keeps plastic out of landfills! 😁👍

Dear Mastodon,

I may not have a dog of my own, but my bro and his wife have a lovely Siberian husky who is oh-so-fluffy and huggable.

I present here a short video of Shiela for your enjoyment—posted with permission, of course.

May I be popular on here now? Great, thanks!



A complete-this-sentence joke 

Yes, my office phone has a direct dial button to the DND hotline. You know, just in case ____________________.

Maybe someday I will be wise enough to understand, oh wise Toot! user scan.

The one and only time I’m jealous of Vader and his respirator 2020

Found this Star Wars onesie. The design is uncommon, having flowers mixed in with the film characters but... I like it!

selfie, no ec (sunglasses) 

Good morning, folks!

Thought I looked rather alright while driving to work this morning.

Hope you’re all having a good one. Take care and stay safe out there!

(No mask as I’m alone in the car, otherwise I wear one anytime I’m out.)

So I logged in to my online banking portal this morning and... uh... what?

Turns out I missed my credit card payment deadline by... 120 years?!

😂 lmao that’s... wait that’s a shitload of interest 😰

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring a moment of joy into our lives.

We just need to cultivate the ability to appreciate something seemingly insignificant.

My 3yo son stuck this smiley face sticker on my wrist watch band a year ago. I thought of removing it at the time, but instead I thought to myself “hey maybe keep it and it’ll serve to remind me of him and the joy his presence brings to me when he’s not around—when I’m at work, for e.g.”

Well, here I am. A whole year later: 🙂

Each time I get this notification, I wonder:

Will this be *the* bug fix? The one where the app finally deletes itself from my device?

No luck yet, but I haven’t given up hope. 🤞

Can we just agree on the following statement format and call it a day?

“The real problem is that England’s <insert name of government institution, public system or private sector entity> rewards the rich.”

I didn’t know that the TARDIS supports USB 2.0 😮

I guess USB ♾ is reverse compatible 😅

food pic 

Today’s lunch: brown rice with frozen veggies mixed in, spicy eggplant sauté and black-eyed peas in a curry

I had a bit of leftover green peas and mushroom curry but I dropped it on the floor while trying to put it into the office fridge... sad to have to throw it out ☹️

Check out this monster catch! On my way to the top! Hell yeah!

Seems my coffee is a little on the... 

... dark side 🤣😅

Solar eclipse today!

Held up a black piece of construction paper with a pinhole to the window and look what shone through onto the tiled floor.

The kids were so curious. It was a real treat explaining it to them and watching their brain-sponges soak it all in.

Cheese, Fungus, Requesting Info 

Hey, anyone know if this is particularly dangerous if eaten? Should I be concerned? Does it warrant a visit to the family physician or other medical attention?

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