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Ec, multiple eyes 

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Art commissions open!
headshot/icon: $10
Bust: $15
Half body: $20
And full body: $30
Each is fully shaded and colored, complex backgrounds are an extra + $5

i wish people would treat black women better so they weren't forced out of these spaces

we need them here

not because we should expect their work (although actually we do too often depend upon it, which we should not)

but because without everyone, this is not the revolution it should be, and a revolution that does not liberate black women is worthless

beg post, please read actually 

Hey this person reached out to me on Instagram and she needs money for this month. I’m $200 short on rent and I don’t have anything I could donate but if we could share this around and help her out that would be great

If you think β€œreformed” venture capitalists and ex-Googlers are fighting for your rights, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #TheSocialDilemma

Yelling into the void 


The email they sent out had a link to this article. Maybe you've all seen it already, but I hadn't, and it's a nice elementary explainer of trans / nb gender. CW for stories of dysphoria, anti-trans violence, surgery etc.

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hello. im doing commissions now. if you'd like one you can message me on discord! morgan#1846

i'd need some character references or a good description. i'll give you an idea of how long it'll take, and give regular updates in case you wanna add or change anything

i dont do furry or nsfw stuff, and using kofi for payment for now!

boosts appreciated ❀️

Random advice: Internet advertisers have added a new thing to try and collect your data. If you ever see the LEGITIMATE INTEREST link on one these "we value your privacy" popups, click it and click the OBJECT ALL button.

I opened a "nerdy" T-Shirt shop with original designs by me! So far two designs! Let me know what you think! European shop at North American shop at

As usual we have a word in German that perfectly describes what we witnessed tonight.

It's called "FremdschΓ€men" and it's the vicarious embarrassment you get when you see something so deeply mortifying, you feel embarrassed just watching it.

Pandemic streetwear 

It took me a LOT of stitching to make, but how cool is this mask?

The downside of self-hosting everything. Every. Fucking. Day. it is something else that doesn't work... Maybe it's the complex Unifi config one day or Nextcloud File System the next. Maybe it's the host VM or the rPi running Hassio... Today it's realizing that the NAS hasn't been backing up for a month and nothing I do seems able to fix it.

I'm really getting tired of this shit. I want to use my tools, not spend all my time maintaining them.

Since it’s National Coffee Day, we should all buy someone a coffee on Ko-fi!

Rowling Roast Post 

Contestant: I’ll take TERF’s Up! for 500, Alex.

Alex: An Ultra-Rich, White, Openly-Abusive British Person Who Complains About Being Abused.

Contestant: Who is... ______________?

my dog is a better person than most people are

- trusts everyone by default
- sees that you're struggling, gives you a big-ass hug
- bites anyone who threatens me or my loved ones
- doesn't give a damn about your gender or race
- doesn't care what clothes you're wearing, you're still the same person to her
- smells better than the average person
- takes me home when I'm drunk or disoriented
- doesn't call the cops when someone is having a mental health crisis, tries to comfort them instead
- growls at you for letting her go hungry or not giving her space instead of being passive-aggressive
- soft and wholesome

honestly my dog deserves civil rights

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