Coding standards are conventions. They are almost conversational techniques.

Namecoin is an experimental F/OSS technology which improves decentralization, , censorship resistance, and speed of Internet infrastructure

Resist the temptation to put off until tomorrow the improvements you can see today

Refactoring should change only the structure of code, leaving its external behaviour untouched

You are on the right track when you can add a feature while removing more code than you write

The January 2019 edition of OSFY magazine has my article on PostgreSQL Master-Slave setup using @OpenSourceForU

Aerospike, Bengaluru is looking for a Front End Web Developer with at least five years of work experience. Reply if interested.

Flexibility is the goal. Simplicity is the means to that end.

Simple designs are easier to understand and to explain. Simple code is easier to test, maintain and change.

"Every time someone logs onto a system (server) by hand, they jeopardize everyone's understanding of the system." ~ Mark Burgess

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