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Stories must be testable. The acceptance tests explore the behaviour the story describes.

Working at a sustainable pace will keep your productivity high

Tasks generally represent a few hours of work. Keep your feedback loops short. Allow regular, small adjustments.

Developers produce task cards from the story cards. Each task card represents a development task necessary to implement the story.

Stories describe the use and behaviour of the feature rather than its implementation

"Shakthimaan" presents "Opportunities in Free (Libre) and Open Source" Saturday March 2, 2019 Computer Society of India, Chennai Entry free. Pre-register for logistics

Some teams elect a customer proxy to act as an authoritative, single point of contact for business goals and knowledge

Like programmer tests, customer (acceptance) tests should be automated as soon as possible

The closer the customer is to the rest of the team, the better.

Rather than working late, building up frustration, and being tempted to cut corners, go home. Start fresh the following day.

Announcing Emacs online APAC meetup today, Monday, February 18, 2019 at 19:30 IST with Jitsi and on Await Jitsi video conferencing URL announcement prior to the session.

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