Sometimes, I think I'm just more interested in Mastodon (and by greater extent, ActivityPub) as a platform than as a "place to be" online. Perhaps I should just post here more and see what happens. Not a week goes by without some story that nauseates me about Facebook or Twitter.


@pantse_macabre it's marginally compelling to me, much better suited to supporting small communities the way Slack can, but with waaaaay more overhead. Making the intercommunication by users across servers feel anything less than frustrating and bewildering would be job one IF there was any thought that it can/should be a 1:1 replacement for e.g. Twitter, which I don't think there is.

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@pantse_macabre I'm very aware of tight communities forming here and people truly finding that "place to be" but the feeling of outsiderism is far stronger than it ever was on Twitter - and in some ways I think that's part of the appeal, from a safety/acceptance standpoint. So good on 'em.

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