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When I see 200 followers on @Mastodon I know it's big. When I see 200k followers on birdsite I know its bots

Giant birds, often kept as pets in medieval times, could be returning to Ireland after 300 years absence #news #worldnews

One of the most incredible connections that I made in the last one year was this fantastic mind, talent and human being. He is as brilliant and path-breaking as he is genuine and grounded. And surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends.
A rare combination indeed!
Happy birthday Santhosh Narayanan .
May you keep shining like you did even in these dark times.

I wonnder what happens to EVms this whole month before the counting begins. Where are they stored? Who watches them?

My uncle was narrating an incident from his childhood and said "we went all the way to Indira Nagar" - a locality that is a 10-minute ride from where we are.
Interesting how factors in even time and space of its era.

Majority of BJP West Bengal candidates are very recent TMC alumni.
The BJP cadres have christened them as "TMC-BJP" candidates.
And they will be fielding their own "independent" candidates against these ships jumpers
And... and... the state BJP President is not contesting!

Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of an earth occupied by humans who have no gills!

You hear about all these great people of yore and wonder why you weren't there then.... and then you realize that you do coexist with some sheer legends. He is a whiz, an intellectual and a humanitarian. An exceptional legend.
You need to spend just 5 minutes with him to get some new insight. Each time.
Happy birthday to the international treasure

Pause. And think about it. It is the 21st century and Great Britain still has kings and queens and princes and princesses that the taxpayer shells out big money to maintain. Basically, a country of the free world living out Andersons Tales!

with the women of @PrasadCorp. Lovely to see so many women across the board in the lab, studio and film school. And this is the outcome of a concerted effort by the institution.
Evening well spent.

My brother-in-law, PN Mohan, has taken the initiative to restore several lakes in Chennai. So we went on a tour of the lakes today.
(That's him in the cap).
He works in concert with the concerned dept, the local communities and donors.
Just so required, remarkable and fantastic.

Remember the Cong guys who wanted out of Pondi, and even went to dharna in Delhi? They got their deal.They defected to BJP & Kiran bedi is fired. So the Cong in minority now and BJP will try to form govt. Party with a difference β€πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
Some fodder for u @savukku @puthiyathalaimurai

The political turbulence in TN's ruling party was going to be inevitable on Sasikala's prison return from. But how quickly PEOPLE forget that she's the same person who :
-was suspected of foul play in Jay's demise:
-took state control thru the back door
-was accused of running a mafia with her family
-was partner in all crimes when Jaya was in power.
-was victim of exactly what she did. Edapadi usurped power from her like she did from Jaya. @savukku

@savukku I'm still trying to wrap my head around this valourization of sasikala by you. You seem to be taking the path of Cho Ramaswamy- from a civil society voice to a political vouyer

Meet one of the 3-member grand jury, a Renaissance actor, of the short films contest, by
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Across the world, whether in Russia (Navalny) or America (BLM), the MIDDLE class partakes in protest of fascist authoritarianism.
In India, much of the middle class and even elite, is pro-authoritarinismism, or, at best, passive. They rarely partake in a resistance or revolution. I believe that historically, CASTE privilege plays a huge role in this apathy and servility to authority.
Caste privilege cocoons the middle class to live in a complacent bubble.

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