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Bharat Jalao Party's short-sightedness, has infuriated the local populace of two crucial border states, Assam. and Kashmir. Now tell me, with what face do they say to others?



Read this, I am not joking

New passports that are being printed have lotus on them. Yes and you know whose symbol is lotus.



250 students booked for the protest against CAB in Deoband. This after case against 500 students in Aligarh earlier. #CABBill2019


Still coming to terms with this new reality. This is exactly what the dissenters in Nazi Germany must have felt like. They too must have lived in a combination of hope, despair, defiance and resistance. The world wasn't so interconnected, and there was no social media so they went underground. And no one knew when they disappeared or were killed. Can we still finish this with a different ending to an ostensibly different world that it is supposed to be now?

Since the goes on regardless, here is a pic of Sanjay Subrahmanyan with my grandmother - his guru- Rukmini Rajagopalan who was a trailblazer in her own right.

The first thing that happened in was massive clearances done on land use changes - diverting forest land for non-forest purposes. In fact, the Forest Advisory Committee in J&K cleared 1.5 times the no of proposals in 3 meetings in Aug / Sep / Oct than in the entire 2018/2019 period prior.

Read this:

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Citizenship law, proposed nation-wide NRC will revise conception of group rights in India

A nation-wide combination of the CAB and NRC will mark India as the natural habitat of Hindus while deriding some Muslims as “foreigners”. Indians will be called Indians not only on territorial grounds but also on ethno-racial and religious lines.

Assam is begging mainland India to listen: "We voted for the BJP in our state. We voted and supported them until the fire reached our own house. It is only then that we realized what we had done.
Please don't repeat our mistakes. Or you will one day find yourself on fire too."

To make sure PM Modi's message of assurance reaches everyone in Assam the internet black out has been extended by another 48 hours in the state, helping deepen the state of normalcy.

Protestors defy curfew, come out in large numbers at Guwahati's GS Road, Ganeshguri

Is there any story or myth where people go to asuras to 'save' their religion or cult?

"Constitutional morality is...what we bring to adjudication, not what we get out of it...

"This is a truth that the BJP has realised. It moves the law, not by appealing to it, but by changing the norms in politics and society that shape our imaginations of the law."

Acute piece

Day 3 of the hearings by a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in the cases challenging abrogation of #Article370 and Reorganisation of #JammuAndKashmir .

Here's what happened on Day 2

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