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When I see 200 followers on @Mastodon I know it's big. When I see 200k followers on birdsite I know its bots

Kudos to Arvind Kejriwal for completing a full tenure as chief minister WITHOUT that basic law and order arm of governance called a police force. It is completely weird and stunningly remarkable.


It happened when celebrities weren't afraid to speak. This is a video with a great message made many years ago. But many changed their colours since 2014. At least those who are part of this video must watch. India &Indians🇮🇳 are first, not Hindu-Hindu Rashtra. STOP THE HATRED.


“I had hardly any options left, when DSP Davinder Singh asked me to do a small job for him. That is what he told, ‘a small job’ He told me that I had to take one man to Delhi,” Afzal Guru told in 2006.

Sundar Pichai supports calls for moratorium on facial recognition!

Google chief says technology is ‘fraught with risks’ and urges assessment by regulators

Nilekkanni & Pai Uncle want to sell this dystopia as fascists got thrilled with its possibilities!

Avoidance used to be the general attitude. Post CAA protests there's a radical change. Now, something loony happens, there's a bunch of people calling BS on it and standing up.

Took a while to learn that leaving our spaces unoccupied is disastrous, but we seem to be learning.

If you are anti CAA then dump jio. There is a chain reaction involved.

Shaheen Bagh is one of the most inspiring spaces to visit right now in Delhi. I would urge everyone to go there, not for a visit of an hour, but go there, sit there for the day. They have their own care economy, and if you're sitting there, you're engulfed in that love. I would be lying if I said I didn't cry out if joy.



The Home Ministry has responded to my RTI saying:

"Ministry of Home Affairs has no information concerning tukde-tukde gang."

Maanyavar is a liar.

The "tukde tukde gang" does not officially exist & is merely a figment of Amit Shah's imagination.



I have witnessed JP’s movement in 1974. Covered VP Singh and Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement in 1989 and 2011. But this is unprecedented, not only by size but content too. For the first time all communities are on the road to protect constitution.


Remember those circus clown cars in which each function will malfunction. Example, they put on the headlights but the wipers will swing and when they accelerate the car will go on reverse. This govt is like that. Ministers will speak about everything but their own ministries.

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