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When I see 200 followers on @Mastodon I know it's big. When I see 200k followers on birdsite I know its bots

Folks- Go to
Register to make your short film with anything from a phone to a camera and win attractive cash prizes! @Dhananjayang @Whistling_Woods @FTIIOfficial

@savukku you sound like Cho Ramaswamy 2.0 when you valorize one criminal to fight another. Sasikala is no epitome of virtue.

For anyone who is reading this: my debut directorial venture SRINGARAM is now available to watch on on a pay-per-view basis
The film won 3 national and 2 state awards. Happy watching!

As soon as results were declared, Biden made a spectacular speech of unity. After the attack yesterday, he explicitly spoke against racism.
Now he is doing the opposite of India 's providing citizenship for all.
If he can follow this up with a war-less term then he will be the President of this century.
@savukku @prasanna_s @pratik

I made a small film but got a lovely big write up. You can watch on the Thaniththirai youtube channel

What a long long decade this year has been! 2021, please be nicer! Happy New year to you and your family. May it ring in only the best.....

Ï really think that is one of those timeless beauties in music and hymns. Perhaps its the composition texture, the combination of notes, the mood, the pace, hard to pinpoint. You can never tire of its countless interpretations.

The faces of the anti and the anti- agitation.
Look at their magnificent lines of wisdom, their gentle determination and their inextinghuishably smiling eyes.
They don't agitate for power or wealth.
They think and live beyond themselves.
THIS is that great "culture" of This region.

saw many cathartic creative expressions in music, dance, painting and sculpture. We decided to try poetry and its visual representation. Coming soon, but a motion poster until then 👇
Adivaanam motion poster

The weather is such that I feel like I'm in the middle of the ocean on a life boat. The 120 km-speed breeze sounds like tsunami waves. Coz the cyclone is about to pass

Even the rain feels fascist. Imposing, restricting, dictating and totally damaging

Amusing to see Tam-bram types desperately disowning . Because she is not the typical ghettoized American geek desi and makes them uncomfortable. So her views on & make her "anti-Indian". But her lineage also comes from her elderly Chennai-based uncle, G. Balachandran, who recaptures that lost world of the progressive, intellectual Brahmin, who speaks of his niece not with upper-caste familial sentiment but with political acuteness & clarity.

Cant understand why and journalists are issuing statements for an arrest that has nothing to do with 's "journalism". If at all, only the legal fraternity can raise a flag for a problematic arrest of abetment to suicide.

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