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When I see 200 followers on @Mastodon I know it's big. When I see 200k followers on birdsite I know its bots

I don't usually give interviews unless for a specific reason, but I made an exception for good old Doordarshan which still has that delightful old-school conversation approach that I find refreshing these days!

NOTE: It is primarily in Tamil, so non-Tamil speakers are free to ignore... or watch and grasp what you can!

April 1 hasn't felt special for some 8.5 years now.
No prizes for guessing why πŸ’β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‰

A fishing boat returns with its catch and a large heron pecks off it.

The rest will be sold in the market to feed a village.

Nothing earth shattering... like war.

"The Trial of the Chicago 7" is set in the 1960s but feels like a movie of today.
Like how we thought invasions were confined to history books but are seeing it being played out all over again.

"Man tadpat Hari darshan ko aaj" is considered the finest bhajan in Hindi movies, sung by the legendary Rafi, written by Shakeel Badayuni and composed by Naushad. This is India.

I'm 5 kms into the sea and strolling along -mid-sea! - as the water has receded 6 kms due to low tide.

But the high tide will be back in a 12 hour cycle.

The ONLY one of its kind in the world!

I'm standing atop a temple of justice with the flag covering the skyline.
What better way to wish my fellow citizens of the world's largest sovereign, secular, democratic Republic, a happy Republic Day.

I have some really amazing memories of traveling with Pt. Birju Maharaj on SPIC MACAY tours.
His on-stage artistic demeanor was an extension of his off stage life. He lived and breathed art and dance.
He is among those artists who has had a subliminal influence on me....
Reposting my docu on dance where I had the privilege of shooting with him.
End of an era.
The world is simply not the same without him....
Watch him talk about dance in this film.

What can be more meaningful than a harvest festival?
May every overflowing grain reach the last of the hungry.
Happy Pongal!

I think every actor worth her/his salt wanted to partake in the film because it is a superb satirical mirror to the current era in all its dark and terrifying hues.

It is to this century what was to the 20th century.

I was posting my standard "wish you the same" to the scores of whatsapp new-year messages... without downloading the picture greetings.

Got one quick reply: I had sent you my daughter's wedding invite!

There is so much to a camera view. You see things that the naked eye misseds, and you see the same thing differently. And it shuts out the external world and creates an intimacy between you and the object .
Thats why cinematographers at work are at once in the space of physics and zen.
And thats why it is the most critical craft of film making, and for a director to get it right.

Dear Santa - may that be the tree of life, health, ecology, peace and harmony!
Merry Christmas to all!

I come from two Indias:
One where India falls in the hunger index from 94 to 101
another where Adani makes Rs. 1000 crores a day in 2020-21.

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