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Love the new colored backgrounds in . Makes it easy to visually differentiate between conversations, and help avoid accidentally sending those nude selfies to my parents ;)

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2019 - avoid negative people
2020 - avoid positive people
2021 - avoid people

Whatever happened with Zoom's acquisition of Keybase? They haven't turned it off yet. I assume it's only a matter of time.

How many people use dedicated Android apps for Mastodon vs. just using the website? The website is pretty and seems to work great!

I want to like Matrix. I really do. Maybe it's my choice of home server. Maybe I'm just unlucky. Maybe it's the bridges. Maybe my expectations are too high. But it really does smell like a festering pile of fail. It's slow. It seems like it's always broken. It fails to deliver on most of the privacy "guarantees" it pitched itself on. Meh. I miss the responsiveness of *literally every other system*

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I find myself lusting after the Helm V2 personal mail server.

I know this is a bad idea:
- I barely use email personally these days
- It's expensive $200 + $100/yr
- It probably doesn't increase privacy much beyond Protonmail and friends
- I'm concerned about security. No team of competent people managing my server. No IDS.

But it's soo cool!

Interesting quick read on stagnation in the software industry. At first I was all "pfft. This is bullshit...", but then... Is it?

I think the author is current in his observation that, after the dotcom boom, the default and sound business model was to build something quick, and sell the company. This approach isn't compatible with large research projects.

That makes me sad.

Well... After the cluster fuck that was 2020, the first day of 2021 was pretty decent. Hopefully these trends continue.

Today finding myself reminiscing about BBS and Tracker music. I miss the good 'ol days.

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"The thing is, there are basically no nice people who provide case studies of OPSEC practices. Most are engaged in violence, serious drug trafficking (at the “kill people for interfering” level), theft and manipulation of human beings, etc. Thats the nature of the beast.

People with well funded, trained and motivated adversaries have the strongest incentives to practice the highest level of security. They’re the ones to learn from." --

Can I just say how fantastic QubesOS is?

It is fantastic.

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I'm gonna be hugging everyone all the damn time when this is over. SO MANY HUGS. Y'all are not prepared.

Pretty huge layoffs at my employer, and mandatory pay cuts for the remaining stuff. Just going through "the talk". What a mess. Yet, we're the lucky once since we're still employed.

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TOMORROW: Our lineup of speakers is second to none. Join us remotely on April 21, 22, and 23 and Pay-What-You-Can to register:

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