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final fest spoilers 2 

"it's the voice to end all voices!"

let's talk about the princess cannon aka killer wail and why it was not implemented in splatoon 2

it's because dualies type weapons counter it real easily

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also hi it's been a while

i might move instances but i hardly use this thing anyway so it's a big maybe

final fest spoilers 

okay so I've been sitting on this for a while now and im tired of sitting on it

team chaos has gold ink and it's very lush

it almost looks like melted gold instead of ink lol

team order is just silver ink again

also octo expansion music will be featured as well as some songs from the squid sisters such as calamari inkantation and their version of now or never for splatfests

i haven't been on in thirty years and that's because i really don't know what to say on here

anyway i should've been in bed two hours ago im gonna die tomorrow goodnight

pt 3 

also i know it'll never happen but the site of the decimated NILS statue would make for a neat splatfest stage

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pt 2 

like the top doesn't look poorly rendered is what im trying to say and they didn't have to go to that much effort hdhsbsjsnsj

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octo expansion spoilers?? 

someone hacked and made a playable version of the NILS statue and i just think there's so many neat details you wouldn't really get to look at unless you really slow down

they also rendered the top of the head which is neat considering you were just in there

birdsite, corporate shit, pedophilia mention 

arby's twitter sure defended pedophilia today huh

seeing corporate twitter use the word "waifu" makes my skin crawl

i just want octopath traveler on pc

i feel like this is a game that belongs on pc

plus a lot of people don't own a switch and probably want to play it??

ooohhh octopath prequel coming to phones,,,,

(japan only probably)

(—) money, asking for help 

Hate to do this but: I was let go from my job. I received the news as my plane was landing. I need help as I have only one more cheque coming in from this job.$FuzzyProxy

for the record im team wizard because i identify more with spellcasters but i am a fucking sucker for knight types

pearl is the carly rae jepsen of this universe

give her a sword !!

im sad it's gonna take forever to get to x rank but at least the matches in s+ seem to go by quickly

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